Aug 192015

The HD versions of BT’s sports channels are now available on a new satellite frequency, having changed frequencies again.

Sky digiboxes should automatically adjust to the new frequency, but some receivers may need rebooting. Users with other satellite receivers will have to perform a rescan.

The HD versions of BT’s sports channels are on the following frequencies:

Frequency: 11973

Polarisation: V

Symbol Rate: 29500 (29.5 Mbaud)

FEC: 3/4


  3 Responses to “BT Sport HD changes satellite frequency again”

  1. Astra2..G..New channels on 11597v..22000 5/6…..MATV…Ary News ..(Ex.11397v 0n 2E)…Waiting for Aastha and Rishtey channels…………BT channels changed from 11597v to 11973v

  2. 1m dish..Lisbon..Portugal….Astra 2.E.F.G..Europe beam..good signal

  3. hi guys, im on costa del sol is anyone else having issues with red button on bt sport europe? red button on sky sports is fine just cant access red button on bt sport europe

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