Mar 292017

Is Sky UK Cardsharing coming to an end ?

During this past week, people using cardshare systems to access their Sky pay channels, have been losing some of their channels.

8 channels, all are on the same transponder, are currently not clearing and are blank on cardsharing systems.

The channels affected are :

Astra 2F 12148 H 27500

Sky Atlantic
Sky Living +1
Sky sports 4
Sky sports news HQ
Eurosport 1

are currently showing “scrambled” messages when trying to access these channels on this one frequency on cardsharing systems.

It has been said that Sky have implemented a change in the encryption data meaning the card share systems cannot currently read the cards properly for about a dozen channels. It looks like these “missing” channels are all on the same frequency / transponder.

Some of these “missing channels” can be found on other frequencies. For example, using Sky Sports 1 UK and not Sky Sports 1 Ireland

Reports suggest that Sky have implemented “Icam” security, the same security that was used when Sky Italia went “dark” a few years ago, and still remains dark to this day.

It could be that we do soon see a “fix”, and these systems will continue. How long this will take is anyone´s guess.

In the meantime, there are some other versions of some of these channels on other frequencies that may still be open.

Or is the beginning of the end of Sky UK cardsharing..? We shall know if more channels disappear from these system in the next few weeks…or if Sky finally announce that they intend to move all their “SD” digibox users to the more secure HD Digiboxes.

This is like a few years ago, when the Sky HD channels slowly were removed from these cardshare systems. Even then people selling these cardshare systems said “it is only temporary” and “there will be a fix soon”…but as yet nothing.

This is probably why, in the last day or so, I have had many calls from people using these systems who have lost Eurosport and asking me for information as, surprise surprise, the person who sold them their cardsharing system is not contactable!

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  1. This could be interesting reading ?????

    The problem exists within the CW (Control Word)….The actual encryption data itself

    In laymans terms the encryption has not changed in the same way it did for HD or for the same way it did with Sky Italia, the encryption is compatible with existing Sky cards, including the old white 09’s which is where local cards and shared cache’s get the required data to make card sharing possible, so that also makes the talk of changing over Thompson Receivers to Sky +HD nonsense also, its completely irrelevant.

    What they have done is quite clever apparently but it will 100% be worked out, the changes that will be required to be made will all be within the “oscam.config” which is basically the standard configuration file that servers use to run and make this all possible, so server owners will be getting access to an updated config file once completed and the missing channels will be back.

    This is as close to the horses mouth as you will get and I have been told categorically that this is absolutely NOT the end of cardsharing as we know it and when the config is complete and uploaded things will continue as they were once servers have been updated to the new config.

    There is a but though and that is the reasoning behind what has happened the last few days, the general feeling is that Sky were testing a few channels to see what the result was, that unfortunately is not true, Sky and anybody with a certain level of understanding of encryptions would know that no test is required, the results of the changes that were made are set in stone and known before they were put in place therefore there is no test required or needed.

    That is where the but comes in because what has happened is fixable with a configuration change, Sky and the programming engineers working with Sky know that just as much as the guys who deal with oscam, they know its fixable and can be worked around, so the actual reason behind it is a mystery.
    Its not just to disrupt or to annoy, that much is clear, but the real reason is unclear at the moment as the changes they have made don’t really relate to anything they can build on long term as once worked around that’s it, it cant be implemented into a different part of the whole procedure so its not clear why they did it or what the overall goal of it was but its obviously something much bigger and more complex, whether its something that could happen next week or next year nobody knows, but its clear that some serious thought and investment has been put in to this and its one of the biggest changes or moves that Sky have made to in a long time, so the general feeling from someone directly involved is that something much bigger is on the way, but as above the timescale is not known.
    Sky have obviously always taken it seriously and attempted to stop it but it looks as though they have upped the effort on it and are seriously taking steps to put an end to it long term, or at least until the technology to work around it comes to light.

    I know some people reading this will no doubt rubbish everything that I have put down here because I’m not directly involved with oscam or servers, but what I’ve put down will be available through streamboard forum in due course and a lot of it already is there to read up on, so please take the time to research a little into the technical facts of what is going on and with what I’ve tried to explain here and hopefully I’ve helped put some minds at ease a little.

    • any update mate

      • No updates at all.
        Forums say people are working on it, but no timescales.
        It is a waiting game, either for the techs to get the coding working again, or for Sky to close even more channels down on CS systems…with the latter being the most predicted outcome

  2. Hi buddy is this the end of card sharing in your opinion thanks ed

  3. thank you well said at last a little light at the end of the tunnel

  4. Sky sports news gone today and more will follow I think it’s all coming to a end Best look for a good iptv server

    • Sky Sports News (Ireland) was on another frequency, which is why it was still available.
      But today it moved to the “blocked” frequency.
      So no more Sky Sports News on cardshare systems….

  5. Taken from another forum
    Update Patch has been complied and integrated into oscam which ran and found missing channels on card but did not clear so the reader-videoguard2.c file need re coding next – a very big task………….. we have 3 oscam coders and other working on this so a fix it is still being developed.

  6. I’ve noticed that Sky Atlantic +1 remains unaffected, so for fans of the channel who are prepared to wait an hour….

  7. This is what i think is going on,
    The channels lost on this transponder, are all available in HD,i think this is a forced up-grade to get rid of the SD Boxes, then other transponders will follow. They have possible used lesser impact channels to start the ball rolling and stop alot of phone calls, .

  8. Update 15/4/17
    Just a quick update one of the developer forums:
    A couple of new coders have recently joined the debate over there and there is now a little group attacking this from a few different angles. The development and testing is a slow process but they are sticking with it at present to try and find the fix we all need.
    They have made some progress so far but because the options of where the problem lies are so vast it may be a long drawn out quest to possibly resolve the issues. So not really that much change but at least we know they are still working on it

  9. Sky sports news new frequency, 12207 v 27500 5/6

    • A version of SSNews has been available on that frequency for several months now.
      But they did move it from that frequency for a few days a few weeks ago…

  10. Is there any update on the CW fix in oscam for the missing channels

  11. […] For UK viewers Joshua vs Klitschko will be available on Sky Sports Box Office. (Note that reports are that Sky Sports Box Office is now “secure” and no longer available on cardshare systems) […]

  12. Sky Sports NewsHQ (12207 V 27501) and Sky Atlantic +1 (11924H 27500) are now scrambled channels too.

  13. Hi does anyone think this will get fixed as i am not too confident and don’t know what to tell others. Many thanks

  14. Hi. If you do have contact with someone in the know at 00:37 Ireland 26.4.17. Sky Atlantic +1 came on for about 10 seconds but went off again. I forgot the tv was on as it was a black screen for about 20 mins prior If that helps to identify something.

  15. Will the zgemma h2h box still be able to get all channels on the virgin side

    • if you use the zgemma for satellite cardshare for sky uk then you will have lost these channels. no idea about virgin

  16. 11914 H 27500 Sky Sports 5 also scrambled

  17. Any news about the fix?

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