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Thread: upgrade to sky+

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    upgrade to sky+

    I have sky in Spain and have a subscription(2 packs) which is paid through an agent in the UK.
    I want to upgrade to sky+, I have all the correct cable, LNB etc, and my question is
    can I put my present viewing card in my new sky+ box to have all the sky+ services or do I need a new viewing card, and if so
    how do I get it activated from Spain

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    Re: upgrade to sky+

    Hi Roy,

    You do not need a new viewing card. You can use your exisiting card, but you (or your agent) will need to contact sky with all the details for the sky account and sky+ receiver to get them to pair your existing card with the sky+ receiver. You will have to remind the sky staff that it is a sky+ receiver and ensure they activate the recording functions. until this "pairing" takes place you will not have access to the sky+ recording functions - but you will be able to watch your channels!

    the activation can be either instant or take a few hours!!

    Hope this helps.
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