This forum section of is almost 1 year old.
There are almost 100 users registered, and almost 150 topics / threads, and alsmot 500 posts in toalt ont he site, so i know that this section is proving popular in helping out people with qeuries and questions about satellite tv, especially in the Costa Blanca area.

To mark this occasion, I am looking into producing a special offer for members of this forum. Although this is not confirmed, and may not happen, one option would be to produce a voucher for "x% off installations of dishes and receivers."

It will only be open to members of the forum. As with most offers terms and conditons will apply, maybe for members with a minimum of 5 posts.

I have a lot of options for an offer, so suggestions would be nice.

Again this is not confirmed, and may not happen. If it does than I will be posting a message on the forum and maybe on the main site.