Putting our dinky point-and-shoots to shame, researchers at Tel Aviv University have created a hyperspectral HSR camera that detects more than 1,000 colors -- something that can be used to pinpoint contaminants or hazards in the environment. According to lead scientist Professor Ben-Dor, different elements produce different colors, helping researchers identify hazards or contaminated soil without being forced to bring samples back to the lab. It works as such: the sensor analyzes sunlight as it bounces off an object, which it then interprets. The shooter is so sensitive that it can read samples anywhere from 0.4 inches to 500 miles away, meaning it could operate from weather balloons or even one of these -- rendering Joseph and his amazing technicolor dreamcoat most jealous. Check out the full PR after the break.Continue reading Hyperspectral camera captures 1,000 colors, identifies contaminants

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