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IPTV in Spain / Internet TV in Spain / IPTV Costa Blanca

IPTV in Spain – IPTV Costa Blanca

What is IPTV?

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol TV. This is basically television distributed over the Internet.

IPTV uses the Internet and broadband access networks, instead of being delivered to homes by the traditional radio frequency broadcast, satellite signal, and cable television formats.

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Our IPTV Service

We offer a number of IPTV packages, which we believe will cater for all. From the basic UKTV channels, to sport and football lovers, our IPTV packages will suit all.

We offer monthly and yearly payment options.

The Sat and PC Guy consider that our IPTV service is one of the most reliable and best IPTV services operating in Spain and worldwide. Each day we have more and more clients changing to our IPTV service.

– Our MAG IPTV set top box is one of the best IPTV set top boxes on the market.

– Our pre-sales and after sales service is second to none.

– We have a Catch Up TV service if you are away from home. No need to miss an episode, ever

– 28 day catch up on the main UK TV channels (more days than many other providers)

– Over 200 Channels to choose from, making us one of the largest channel providers around.

– Extremely competitive pricing structure.


IPTV Packages and Prices

We offer THREE IPTV packages, from a basic package, a full UK TV package, and a “Football” package.

IPTV Package 1 – Free to Air  – Monthly Subscription €15.00 / Yearly Subscription €150.00

IPTV Package 2 – UK TV Standard – Monthly Subscription €25.00 / Yearly Subscription €225.00

IPTV Package 3- UK TV Full + Football – Monthly Subscription €30.00 / Yearly Subscription €275.


We also have an alternate IPTV Package (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum) available – more details here


IPTV Subscription Orders and Renewals

Ordering a new IPTV subscription, or renewing a current IPTV subscription could not be easier.

Select your IPTV Package, and your payment plan, input your MAG MAC address, and press “pay”. It is as simple as that.

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The most popular “set top box” to run an IPTV service on is the Infomir MAG range of IPTV boxes.

Small, compact, and powerful, they run Linux, and are compatible with most IPTV services.

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MAG IPTV Box Help and Support

  • How to connect your MAG box to the internet and TV
  • How to connect your MAG box to the internet via WIFI
  • How to change the IPTV Portal Server settings on a MAG IPTV Set Top Box
  • how to change the date and time on a MAG IPTV Box
  • How to reset your MAG box to factory settings

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IPTV Customer Comments

We have a very high resubscription rate, showing that our clients like our service and content, and are happy to continue to resubscribe.

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IPTV Speed Requirements

For IPTV in Spain, you will need a stable internet connection of at least 2 – 2.5 meg. This will offer you good quality almost standard definition IPTV streaming. For HD IPTV streaming you need at least a 8meg internet connection. And even then you may only be able to receive the 720 HD standard and not the full 1080 HD standard.

You can check your internet speed using the Internet Speed Tool here


Android Boxes and Kodi (formally XBMC)

Android boxes loaded with media software Kodi allow you to access free streams via the internet.

Kodi used to be known as XBox Media Center or XBMC,  (which jokingly was also called eXtreme Buffering and Missing Content, in reference to the many broken links and poor quality of the feeds!)

The sale of so called “fully loaded” Kodi boxes, ie those Android boxes with all the addons already installed, is now illegal, with many resellers of such boxes closing down and becoming “invisible”

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Online UK TV in Spain. Free Online TV Streaming. Free UK Internet TV. Online TV Channels.

The Free Online TV links are provided by a third party IPTV server.

Click here for some free UK TV via the Internet


Notes and terms and conditions:

Our IPTV service is NOT available in the UK.

Note that we have experienced issues when using ONO or ORANGE as your internet service provider – so we would recommend that if wish to use our IPTV service, that you consider changing internet providers, to, for example, Movistar.

I am not going to make any wild claims about it not buffering as that is just ridiculous. You should be wary of any business that makes claims about their system not buffering or freezing from time to time. This is INTERNET TV and is reliant upon your connection, which is the unknown and uncontrollable variable. The service I offer is the best I have tried (and I have tried a lot of them) over a 6 month period. Overall buffering is at an absolute minimum. Channel choice, with the catch up and Video Club and TV Series options is the best I’ve seen.

We are a reseller of this service, and do not host the streams ourselves.

Further terms and conditions for our IPTV service can be found HERE



More information?

If you want more information on our IPTV systems, or want to arrange an installation, or a viewing please contact us using the form below :


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