IPTV in Spain Prices


IPTV in Spain / Internet TV in Spain

IPTV in Spain Prices

IPTV in Spain Prices:

IPTV Prices:

Mag 254 IPTV Box – 125 euros

Mag 254 IPTV Box with WiFi Antenna – 135 euros

IPTV Package 1: UK TV Lite – Our basic IPTV Package – the UK TV Lite Package – Yearly Subscription 150.00€

IPTV Package 2: UK TV Full – Our most popular IPTV Package – the UK TV Full Package with 14 Day Catch Up* – Monthly Subscription 25.00€  , Yearly Subscription 225.00€

IPTV Package 3: UK TV Full + EPL – Our popular IPTV Package for football fans – the UK TV Full + EPL Package with 14 Day Catch Up* – Monthly Subscription 30.00€  , Yearly Subscription 275.00€

*14 Day Catch Up service available on selected channels only.


How to get your IPTV Package.

If you already have a MAG 250 or MAG 254 IPTV Box, then simply choose your package from the package list, and then pay via Paypal. Remember to add in your MAG MAC address in the notes section of the payment screen. Once we receive your payment, we shall send you details as to how to add our service to your MAG IPTV box.

IPTV Package Subscription
Your MAG IPTV Box MAC Number:


If you require a MAG 254 IPTV box, and one of our IPTV packages, please contact us using the contact form below.






Our IPTV service is NOT available in the UK.
The channel line up can change at any time, therefore we do not guarantee that the TV channels supplied will always be available from one moment to the next.
We will endeavour to attempt to keep the channels as static as possible but the channel line up can change at any time without notice.
We always aim to provide a broad range of channels, and attempt to keep the number of channels available constant.
We do not accept that any change to the channel line up is a cause for termination of service and no refunds or return of goods are permissible due to any changes (for what ever time period) in channel lineup.
Minimum ADSL / Internet download speed for the SD channels is 3m
Minimum ADSL / Internet download speed for the HD channels is 8m

PC Advisor magazine comments between a MAG 254 IPTV box verses an Android based IPTV “Brit TV box” :

Unlike the Android TV Box, the MAG 254 IPTV Set Top Box does not use the Android operating system as a platform to run other useful IPTV based systems, this enables the MAG to outperform any currently available Android TV Box’s running IPTV services, far much less resources are used with Linux and this is why the MAG is able to run faster, cooler and more efficiently.

We ran the same IPTV service on an Android box and then on the MAG254, we then asked a 65 year old male who admitted he wasn’t at all tech savvy to use both systems and share with us which system he thought was more user friendly. The MAG 254 IPTV Set Top Box was clearly his choice.

The way in which the MAG 254 IPTV Set Top Box user interface was set up ensures the ease of use which is so required by many users out there who find other similar products too complicated to use, the MAG reduces complexity to a near nonexistence and this is a key selling point for the less tech savvy user.

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