Pace TDS470N Sky+ Digibox


Sky+ Receiver Decoder Digibox – Pace TDS470N

Sky+ Digiboxes Pace TDS470N
There are a few types of Sky+ / Sky Plus digibox that look very similar. The best performer is the Pace 3100. The Pace TDS470N can be identified by the fact that the Sky viewing card slot is on the left hand side of the front panel. Other Sky+ boxes, with the viewing card slot in the middle or right of the front panel do not perform as well.

This Sky+ digibox offered by Pace which features an upgraded 80Gb hard disk (approximately 40 hours of storable recorded footage ). This digibox enables you to pause live TV or record one programme while watching another. You can even instruct the receiver to record episodes from your favourite series, all this without the use of videotapes. The onscreen menu is very easy to use, simply highlight the channel you wish to record and press the record button. It will automatically record at the time the programme starts, plus if you have instructed it to record several other programmes at different times it will record those as well.

A Sky+ subscription required to use Personal Video Recorder features of Sky+ (free while you subscribe to any Sky digital package, otherwise £10 a month).

Please note that a Sky Plus digibox requires two separate cable connections from your satellite dish. This means that your dish needs to be fitted with either a Twin or a Quad LNB. If the LNB on your dish only has one output port on it then you will have to upgrade your LNB.

It is possible to upgrade the hard disk drive for larger capacity and to provide more recording hours.


BSkyB PACE TDS470N Specifications

Connectivity AC Input – From mains power supply.
Telephone line Connector RJ11.
UHF Modulator – For connection to main TV and optional connection to second TV.
TV A/V SCART – Provides either composite or RGB and composite video output.
Audio volume can also be controlled in software.
VCR A/V SCART – VCR Scart for connection to Video Recorder.
Analogue Audio Outputs – Two audio outputs are avaiable on the back of the Sky+ digibox. An important addition for users wishing to integrate the set-top box into their home audio system. Volume can be adjusted or muted under software control.
S-Video Connector – For high quality connection to plasma monitors or VHS Recorders.
SP-DIF – For connection to home Dolby Digital amplifier.
RS232 – Serial port connector for service and factory use only.
RF Input – Twin IF inputs to connect to dual LNB at dish.

A 166MHz main processor improves application performance and user interface response.
80Gbyte hard disk drive.
Twin High speed data ports for future connectivity upgrades.
Dolby AC-3 Downmix (Digital Optical Audio Output).
Improved Remote Control with VCR style functionality.

Twin LNB input. Watch one digital channel whilst recording another.
Watch live or recorded programmes on second TV in the home.
Instant Replay of live TV.
Pause live TV – Pause a live programme.
Archive favourite programmes to VCR.
Record two digital channels simultaneously (Dual Record), while watching a third programme from disc.
Series link facility.
Bookmark feature.
Store a maximum of 40 hours programming (bitrate dependant) with no loss in picture quality.
Use VCR style facilities (FF/RWD/STOP/Pause).
Smoothly accelerate from pause to fast forward.

Supports the NDS Conditional Access system together with XTV for total security of content on the hard disk drive.
Software Links recordings to BSKYB Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) for ease of recording and retrieving from the disc.
Software upgrade over air.
Live Pause/Time Shift/Catch Up feature.
Circular green playback front panel display feature.
Instant Rewind feature.
Favourite Channels feature.
Teletext. DVB Subtitles.

Weight 4.2 Kilos
Dimensions Width 380mm, Depth 243mm, Height 72mm


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