Sky DRX890 Digibox


Sky+HD Digibox. Sky DRX890 Digibox with 500GB Hard Drive (250GB Personal Space). Sky Box Spain.

Sky DRX890 digibox

The Sky DRX890 (PVR5) is a Sky+HD Digibox, with a hard drive of 500GB for recording functionality.

The Sky+HD digibox DRX890 uses for 250GB Personal recording storage, and the remaining 250GB is for use by Sky for Anytime/VOD/3D services.

The 250gb hard drive can allo the recording up to 185 hours of SD and 60 hours of HD programming.

To benefit from the Sky+ recording functionality, you will need a Sky Subscription card. You cannot use the Sky+ record functionality without a subscription

Even without a Sky subscription card you can still receive all free HD channels, such as BBC1 HD, BBC HD, ITV1 HD, C4 HD.

Please note that a Sky+HD digibox requires two separate cable connections from your satellite dish. This means that your dish needs to be fitted with either a Twin or a Quad LNB. If the LNB on your dish only has one output port on it then you will have to upgrade your LNB.

To conform to EU legislation this Sky+HD Digibox comes with the new Sky ‘off’ mode to allow you to switch off and meet the maximum 1watt power usage. This option is selected by pressing and holding the power button for 5 seconds until the digibox displays the red ‘off’ light. In ‘off’ mode the digibox will NOT record any scheduled recordings, download Sky Anytime content or support TV Link, so they have included a ‘standby’ mode as well by just pressing the power button once, the digibox with go into sleep mode and display an amber light instead.


Sky DRX890 Sky+ HD Digibox Specifications and Features

Contents include:
– Sky+HD Digibox with massive 500GB 7200RPM SATA hard drive
– HD Remote Control (includes 2 x AA batteries)
– Power Lead
– HDMI Lead

Sky DRX890 connections
Sky+HD Digibox DRX890 Connections
– CVBS Video Output
– Digital Optical Audio Output
– Digital Coaxial Audio Output
– L and R Phono Audio Output (white and red)
– VCR/DVD Scart
– Dish input 1 and 2
– External SATA
– External Ethernet (RJ45)
– Modem/telephone connection (RJ11)
– USB Interface (x2)
– Aerial In
– RF Out 1
– RF Out 2 (9v)
– Dimensions :: 346mm x 255mm x 73mm
– Weight :: 4.1kg




Sky “Amstrad” HD Digibox Models

DRX890C – Sky+HD digibox with 250gig personal recording space
DRX890R – Sky+HD digibox with 250gig personal recording space
DRX890Z – Sky+HD digibox with 250gig personal recording space

DRX890C – Made in China
DRX890R – Made in Rumainia
DRX890Z – Made in China or South Africa


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