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Sky UK, formerly known as British Sky Broadcasting or BSkyB, is the UK’s largest pay-TV broadcaster. In 2015 Sky had 11 million pay TV customers.

BSkyB was created in November 1990 by the equal merger of the two main UK Satellite TV operators at the time, Sky Television and British Satellite Broadcasting. It was an anlogue TV service, and transmitted from the Astra 1 group of satellites located at 19.2 east.

Sky Digital, BSkyB’s digital satellite service was launched on 1 October 1998.  In October 2001, BSkyB closed its analogue service. Sky Digital offered a number of improvements over its analogue service, from improvement in picture and sound quality, an increase in the  number of channels on offer and an interactive services. The increased number of channels required more satellite capacity, so the Astra 2 group of satellites located at 28.2 to 28.5 east were allocated  for UK satellite TV.

The Sky TV pay channels are currently transmitted from three UK TV satellites : Astra 2E, Astra 2F and Astra 2G.

Previous satellites used for Sky TV were Astra 2A, Astra 2B, Astra 2C, Astra 2D and Eurobird 28.


Sky TV in Spain

Sky TV in Spain is, contrary to what some people believe, still available.

The Sky TV pay channels are currently transmitted from three UK TV satellites : Astra 2E, Astra 2F and Astra 2G.

The majority of the Sky TV pay channels are on the European beam of the Astra 2E, Astra 2F and Astra 2G satellites. The European beam give very good reception across the majority of mainland Spain. This means that the Sky TV pay channels can be received in Spain on a satellite dish measuring a minimum of 80x85cm.

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Sky TV Channels and Sky Bundles

Sky TV offers pay TV channels, requiring a monthly subscription.  Sky TV has three “bundles” of popular entertainment channels, as well as the additional Sky Sports and Sky Movies packages.

sky original bundle channels

Sky Original Bundle Channels

Sky break their entertainment packages into three Sky Bundles – The Original Bundle, The Variety Bundle and the Family / Box Sets Bundle.

On top of the three entertainment Bundles, Sky also offer Sky Sports Package and Sky Movies / Cinema Package channels.

More information on Sky TV Bundles here


Sky Box Sets

Sky Box Sets

Sky Box Sets gives you the opportunity to watch whole seasons of some of the most gripping, terrifying and hilarious television shows around. You can watch Box Sets at your leisure. Select a Box Sets, wait for it to download, and then start to view.

More information on Sky Box Sets here


Sky On Demand

Sky On Demand

On 26 October 2010 BSkyB launched Sky Anytime+.

In September 2012, Anytime+ was rebranded as Sky On Demand, along with the addition of a Catch-up TV section in the guide.

The Sky On Demand service differs from the original Sky Anytime service, as is allows the user to select programmes they wanted to watch from a vast library.

More information on Sky On Demand here


Sky HD

Sky HD was launched by Sky TV on 22 May 2006.

Currently, Sky TV customers with the entertainment channels package or Family Bundle, can obtain selected channels in HD by subscribing to the Family Bundle. The Family Bundle presently carries a £5 per month premium over the cost of the regular Variety Bundle.

Sky TV customers can access HD versions of Sky Sports and Sky Movies by upgrading to a separate HD pack subscription, currently priced at £5.25 per month. But you MUST already subscribe to the Family Bundle also.

More information on Sky HD Channels here


Sky 3D

Sky TV UK announced that they will be launching a Sky 3D channel in 2010. This will bring content such as sport, entertainment events, and other three-dimensional programming to its subscribers.

The Sky 3DTV system will require a special 3D ready television, Sky+HD PVR box and the special 3D TV shutter glasses, required for the 3D TV experience.

More information on Sky 3D here


Freesat From Sky

Freesat From Sky offers all the main “free to air” UK TV channels, and also a handful of “free to view” channels.

Most of the free to air channels on Freesat From Sky are also available on Freesat. Free to air channels are channels that are available subscription and encryption free,meaning they do not require any form of viewing card to watch.

Free to View are channels that are available subscription free, but are encrypted. This means they require a “free to view” or a “Freesat From Sky” viewing card.

More information and a full list of FTA and FTV channels on Sky receivers


Equipment required for Sky TV / Sky Digiboxes

To watch Sky TV pay channels, users required a Sky digibox, a Sky viewing card and a satellite dish with Low Noise Block LNB.  The satellite dish collects the signals and reflects them to the LNB which collects the signals and sends then down the cable to the Sky digibox which then turns those signals into pictures and sounds.

Over the years Sky have produced a number of digiboxes, from the basic standard definition digibox, to the recording Sky+ digibox, and then onto the Sky+HD digiboxes in use today. The latest, SkyQ, is expected to be available in 2016.



Sky Cards Spain

Sky provide its subscribers with subscription viewing cards, Sky Cards. These all the viewers to access the pay TV channels that they have subscribed from the Sky Subscription packages.

Sky also produce a freesatfromsky viewing card, that allows access to the “free to view” channels.

More information on Sky Viewing Cards here


Sky Channel Numbers

Here is a list of the Sky TV Channel Numbers on a Sky digibox, where the channels are broken down into separate genres.


Sky TV Installer in Spain


We can supply and install satellite dishes, LNB, and Sky Digiboxes in the Valencia / Costa Blanca North area of Spain, so that you can watch Sky TV in Spain.

More information on Sky TV Satellite TV Installations in Spain here

See our installation pages at : 110x120cm “1.2m” satellite dish installations and 125x135cm “1.4m” satellite dish installations.




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