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Sky On Demand

Sky On Demand

On 26 October 2010 BSkyB launched Sky Anytime+.

In September 2012, Anytime+ was rebranded as On Demand, along with the addition of a Catch-up TV section in the guide.

The Sky On Demand service differs from the original Sky Anytime service, as is allows the user to select programmes they wanted to watch from a vast library.


Sky On Demand requires a Sky+HD digiboxes with a connection to a broadband / ADSL line. This internet connection is used to download the
selected programme.

Sky On Demand has content that is available to play immediately, with little of no buffering, depending on your internet speeds. Other content requires time to download before running entirely without buffering.

Initially Sky On Demand was only made available to Sky customers with a Sky Broadband connection. However, on 20 March 2012, Sky On Demand was made available across all broadband providers.

Sky On Demand also carries BBC Iplayer, ITV Hub, All4, and Demand 5 catch up players.



How to access Sky On Demand 

You can access Sky On Demand on a Sky+HD digibox by navigating to the Catch Up tab on your Sky Guide.
Sky On Demand

Most Sky+HD boxes will be able to access the Sky On Demand.

Sky+HD digiboxes made by Thomson will NOT be supporting the software for Sky On Demand.


Sky On Demand in Spain


If you try to use the Sky On Demand in Spain, you will be blocked from viewing content.

This is because the Sky On Demand content will only be made available to users connecting to the internet using a UK server. This is controlled by checking the IP address for your internet connection.

Your Spanish IP address will be blocked, so Sky On Demand content will NOT be available to you in Spain. This is because the Sky On Demand content will only be made available to users connecting to the internet using a UK server

The only way to watch the UK TV Catch UP services outside the UK is to use a UK TV Router and a VPN service that provides you with a UK IP Address to make it look like you are connecting to the internet from within the UK.

We can supply and install a UK TV Router, in conjunction with a VPN Service such as “Hide My Ass“, allows you to connect to the internet and use the TV Catch UP Services such as BBC Iplayer, ITVHub, All4 (formally 4OD), Demand 5, Sky On Demand and Sky Go.



On Demand and Catch Up TV in Spain VPN

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