Apr 022017

Amazon is taking a tough stance against vendors who sell fully-loaded Kodi boxes through its platform. The store now explicitly bans media players that “promote” or “suggest” the facilitation of piracy. Sellers who violate this policy, of which there are still a few around, risk having their inventory destroyed.

Streaming piracy is on the rise with popular media player Kodi at the center of attention.

While Kodi itself is a neutral platform, millions of people use third-party add-ons to turn it into the ultimate pirate machine.

In some cases, the pirate add-ons are put onto the devices by vendors, who sell these “fully-loaded” boxes through their own stores or marketplaces such as Amazon. While Amazon has never explicitly allowed the sale of copyright-infringing devices, they are not hard to find in its store.

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Feb 082017

Five people have been arrested, accused of selling set-top boxes modified to stream subscription football matches, television channels and films for free.

The sale of so-called “fully loaded Kodi boxes” has been called a “top priority” by the Federation Against Copyright Theft (Fact).

The five traders were arrested in early morning raids.

Fact said it believed the suspects had made in the region of £250,000 selling the devices online.
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Dec 212016

UK Police Arrest For Selling ‘Pirate’ Kodi Devices

A man who sold devices containing piracy-enabled custom builds of Kodi has been arrested in the UK. The 32-year-old company director from Norfolk was detained by police last week.

Set-top Android devices loaded with Kodi and third-party addons have become the next big thing. When configured in the correct manner, these devices offer free content, including live TV, all the latest movies, PPVs and much more. People can easily set them up themselves, but others would rather pay someone else to do the work for them.

As a result, a whole cottage industry has sprung up in the UK, with people programming Firesticks and similar platforms to receive pirate content and selling them via eBay, Amazon, local papers and Facebook. They usually get sold for about double the price of the basic hardware but plenty of people manage to make more than £100 profit per device.
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Sep 202016

Trader in UK first to be prosecuted for selling Fully Loaded Android Kodi boxes.

A trader selling boxes which allow viewers to watch copyright material for free is set to be the first in the UK to face prosecution.

The trader, from Middlesborough, has been told Middlesbrough Council is taking him to court following an 18-month investigation in what could prove a landmark case.

The kit – also known as a ‘Kodi box’ – allows viewers to watch programming like Premier League football and Hollywood movies for free.

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May 292016

Police in Scotland say they are conducting the world’s biggest ‘pirate box’ crackdown. Together with the Federation Against Copyright Theft, police are targeting sellers of Android-style set-top boxes and believe that thousands of pubs could be customers. In addition, three torrent sites have been closed down.

There are several types around but the most common have Android under the hood. Typically in small set-top or dongle format, these products can be loaded with media software from Google’s Play Store or invariably “side-loaded” with more unofficial products such as customized versions of Kodi, Showbox and Popcorn Time.

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May 082016

A shortage of Android developers among the Kodi team is putting the future of Kodi on Android and the Fire TV in jeopardy.

In a blog post, Nathan Betzen, president of the XBMC Foundation and a project manager on Kodi, put a call out for Android developers, stating “we can’t stress this enough, if we don’t get an Android dev soon, Kodi for Android could very well die out. This is a significant future problem.”

Other than code being contributed back into Kodi by the developers of SPMC and MrMC, there is currently no one working on the Android version of Kodi.

“Kodi on Android is on life support.”

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Mar 252016

The UK’s Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit is continuing its crackdown against sellers of piracy-enabled Android TV devices.

In the latest raid, a 38-year-old man was arrested in London, and seized more than 500 alleged ‘pirate’ Android devices.

PIPCU say that its investigation began in February 2016 after a broadcaster complained that modified devices were being sold both on the Internet and from a shop in Walthamstow. Details coming out of PIPCU are scarce but it’s possible that the broadcaster in question was either Sky TV and/or the Premier League, whose content is widely offered for streaming via these kinds of units.

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Mar 182016

The UK’s Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit has arrested six individuals suspected of being involved in the supply of ‘pirate’ Android boxes.

The Android boxes are configured with legal software such as Kodi, which is modified by add ons to make Kodi do less legal things such as obtain free TV from the Internet.

Individuals looking to make a quick buck are selling piracy-configured devices on eBay, Amazon and other venues, meaning that anyone can get in on the close-to-free TV action by shelling out a few pounds, euros or dollars.

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Android TV Boxes Spain


Android Boxes Spain

Android boxes loaded with media software Kodi allow you to access free streams via the internet.

Kodi used to be known as XBMC, XBox Media Center, (which jokingly was also called eXtreme Buffering and Missing Content, in reference to the many broken links and poor quality of the feeds!)

Quad Core Android Brit TV box

Kodi uses third party add-ons to access streams from the internet.

Many of these third party add-ons are not supported by Kodi’s makers, due to the pirate nature of the content on the add-ons. And in 2016, it was announced that Kodi’s makers are now going to take action against people using the Kodi name in relation to pushing pirated material.


Personally I would not recommend an Android box running XBMC / Kodi for UK TV for a number of reasons.

The main reason being because the picture image quality of these systems is simply poor.

The images below were captured directly from on a 26″ screen, to try and show the low picture quality of these Android boxes.
android box image quality for live sports

android box image quality for live sports

android box image quality for live sports


The following image is a quality comparison test between Smart TV Internet streaming (top) and Satellite TV (bottom), where you can see the blurry and low quality of the Android box image, and the sharpness and high detail quality from a direct from satellite TV system.

android box image quality for live sports

The drop in image quality from these Android Brit TV Boxes will become more noticeable when the systems are used on large TV screen that many people are using these days. The low image quality from theses system will be a lot more noticeable on large screen TVs.


Well most of the Smart TV internet streaming services use a low resolution for their streaming – this resolution is sometimes only 480. Normal standard definition TV resolution is 576. Full High Definition resolution is 1080. So the image resolution between Smart TV Internet streaming is less than half the resolution to HD TV, and about 16% lower than standard television transmissions. So for LIVE TV, satellite TV is produced the best image quality. Makes you wonder why use a lower quality resolution Android TV system rather than a high definition satellite systems on your HD TV. That is like buying a Ferrari and then replacing its v8 engine with a lawnmower engine!

The menu system on these systems is not the easiest to use. Navigation can be a bit of a pain, especially when not using a mouse.

Many of the links often return a “stream not found”, or “script error” or get stuck with the “working” logo – which when trying to find a link for a football match may mean you miss most of the first half hunting around for half decent working stream.

kodi script error message

Many of the third party add-ons are closing down, so the number of resources for these systems is becoming less and less.


A selection of comments from various Android / Brit TV box providers Facebook pages – many of which I can see no replies to their problem.

“I’m having problems with Kodi inasmuch as from Kodi I then choose Channel Lists, then hit on Phoenix for example, the symbol ‘working’ comes up and then stops. My speed is 11.45. I’ve tried rebooting, unplugging everything but still no joy. Please help!”

“hi all ok have lost sound on all channels, tried a reboot and checked setting could not find anything wrong, internet speed is good as I ended up watching iplayer with no problems at all. any suggestions???”

“Navi x IS not workinf. HELP”

“Lost channels on brit box where can we find it?”

“Any ideas please Navi X stopped working just before xmas comes up script error I thought that it would come back but did not, last night I needed to reboot box because it reverted back to blue screen and I thought that Navi would be ok but still after reboot just comes up script error can anyone help”

“Hi, We’re not getting any sound at all today, on any of the apps, and have rebooted twice. Any ideas? Thx.”

“Can anybody advise where to watch the best football streams I have gone through all the preinstalled options and not one of the streams or links work, can’t be any think to do with Internet speed as I have fibre optic”

“Hi just reset box as we lost Internet and as we were looking for a film the box went off. It is red hot to touch and won’t switch back on again. Only had box about 6 months. Help please”

“have an android box with 10mbs but still sky channels go down a lot”

“wish I had never bought this useless android box – more trouble than what it is worth”



PC Advisor magazine comments between a MAG 254 IPTV box verses an Android based IPTV “Brit TV box” :

Unlike the Android TV Box, the MAG 254 IPTV Set Top Box does not use the Android operating system as a platform to run other useful IPTV based systems, this enables the MAG to outperform any currently available Android TV Box’s running IPTV services, far much less resources are used with Linux and this is why the MAG is able to run faster, cooler and more efficiently.

We ran the same IPTV service on an Android box and then on the MAG254, we then asked a 65 year old male who admitted he wasn’t at all tech savvy to use both systems and share with us which system he thought was more user friendly. The MAG 254 IPTV Set Top Box was clearly his choice.

The way in which the MAG 254 IPTV Set Top Box user interface was set up ensures the ease of use which is so required by many users out there who find other similar products too complicated to use, the MAG reduces complexity to a near nonexistence and this is a key selling point for the less tech savvy user.

Nov 052015

Popular torrent release group YIFY and its official YTS website have shut down permanently.

The unexpected shutdown marks the end of an era that started at the turn of the decade.

Ten days ago the popular movie torrent site YTS stopped working. The downtime raised concern among many BitTorrent users, not least because the site belongs to movie release group YIFY, which has dominated public BitTorrent sites for several years
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