Sky Satellite TV System Installations


Sky Satellite TV System Installations

Sky Satellite TV systems provide access to both free and pay TV channels. Official Sky TV viewing cards and Sky HD or Sky+HD digiboxes are required.


110x120cm Satellite Dish and Sky HD Receiver Installation
110x120cm Satellite dish Installations110x120cm Satellite dish Installationsdrx595[1]





110x120cm Satellite dish Installations, wall bracket or floor stand, Single Output High Gain LNB, Cabling, Sky HD Receiver,



110x120cm Satellite Dish and Sky+HD (Recording) Receiver Installation
110x120cm Satellite dish Installationsuniversal_lnb_twin[1]sky_dsi8215[2]





110x120cm Satellite dish Installations, wall bracket or floor stand, Twin Output High Gain LNB, Cabling, Sky+HD (Recordable) Receiver,



1.25 x 1.35m Satellite Dish and Sky HD Receiver Installation
125x135cm Satellite dish Installations125x135cm Satellite dish Installationsdrx595





1.25 x 1.35m Satellite Dish, wall bracket or floor stand, Single Output High Gain LNB, Cabling, Sky HD Receiver



1.25 x 1.35m Satellite Dish and Sky+HD (Recording) Receiver Installation
125x135cm Satellite dish Installationsuniversal_lnb_twin[1]sky_dsi8215[2]





1.25 x 1.35m Satellite Dish, wall bracket or floor stand, Twin Output High Gain LNB, Cabling, Sky+HD (Recordable) Receiver





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Jan 312017

Discovery and Sky have reached an agreement that will see Discovery’s channels continue to be available on Sky, including Eurosport.

The negotiations went down to the wire, with the announcement of an agreement coming just four and a half hours before the channels were due to come off Sky.

Sky had said on Friday that Discovery wanted “close to £1bn” in order for its channels to be carried on Sky’s TV service. Discovery disputed that figure.

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Jan 312017

Deadline day: Sky and Discovery close in on 11th hour deal

Sky and Discovery are closing in on a last-minute deal to save the likes of Eurosport and Animal Planet from the UK’s screens.

The two media giants are in the middle of an embarrassing spat over the future of Discovery’s channels on the Sky platform.

Last Wednesday Discovery hit out at Sky, saying it was not offering enough as part of new contract negotiations, adding “somebody has to stand up for consumers”.

Sky responded by taking the unusual step of revealing Discovery wanted £1bn from the Brentford-based media giant to deliver its 12 channels to Sky customers under the terms of a new contract. Discovery has subsequently denied such claims.
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Jan 282017

Sky may lose Discovery channels..some Questions and Answers

What is changing?
From 1 February, Discovery Communications’ portfolio of channels are unlikely to be available in Sky TV packages.

Which channels does this include?
In the UK and Ireland, this includes DMAX, Animal Planet, ID, Eurosport 1, Eurosport 2, Discovery Shed, Discovery Home & Health, Discovery History, Discovery Science, Discovery Turbo, Discovery, TLC and Quest.
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Jan 252017

Discovery Networks International is threatening to pull all of its channels from Sky following a carriage dispute between the two media giants.

If left unresolved, it would mean that channels such as Discovery, Animal Planet and TLC would disappear from Sky next week, on the 31st January 2017. Additionally, carriage of Discovery Channel on NOW TV would also be affected.

In a statement, Discovery has said Sky is using its “dominant market position” to avoid paying a “fair price” for its content. Discovery also says it is being paid less for its channels on Sky, despite Sky subscribers paying more, and more viewers across the UK tuning in to Discovery’s channels. Discovery says it is paid less now than in 2006 despite spending more on shows for the Sky platform. The broadcaster claims Sky is limiting choice – and plans to tell consumers what’s happening through an on-air promotional campaign beginning 8pm Wednesday.

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Jan 152017

Sky Card Share Operator in UK Court

A landscape gardener who earned more than £120,000 via a Sky TV scam might have cost the broadcast giant a whopping £4.8million.

In what’s known as an illegal code-sharing scheme, Gavin Gray obtained decryption details for the network which allowed non-subscribers to view premium channels such as Sky Sports and Sky Movies .

The codes were given to him on the basis he would only use them in his home for personal use.

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Dec 252016

Sky Christmas Gift

Sky have a Christmas Gift for their clients this year.

To access your gift you need to visit and access your “My Sky” account.

For example, you may get 3 months free access to Sky Box Sets, if you do not already subscribe to that service (and, if you live in Spain, have a VPN to make it look like you are accessing the internet from the UK). So you can download whole series of programmes from the likes of All4, My5, and Sky pay channels.

If you already have Box Sets, you get a £13.99 voucher to spend in Sky Store

Dec 092016

Sky has confirmed that Rupert Murdoch’s 21st Century Fox is making a bid for the pay TV giant.

21st Century Fox already owns nearly 40% in the company. It’s Rupert Murdoch’s second recent attempt to take full control of Sky, after a failed bid during 2010/2011.

After a period of negotiation, the Independent Directors and 21st Century Fox have reached agreement on an offer price of £10.75 per share in cash, less the value of any dividends subsequently paid by Sky. However, certain material offer terms remain under discussion and there can be no certainty that an offer will be made by 21st Century Fox, nor as to the terms of any such offer.

21st Century Fox already holds a 39.1% stake in Sky. Under the terms of its proposal, it would pay £11.2 billion to gain complete control of the company.

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Nov 302016

Sky is to offer its TV customers unlimited free calls and texts through its new mobile service, providing subscribers with an added incentive to stay with the pay TV giant.

SIM-only contracts for the new Sky mobile service will be available from mid-December, with a full market launch in early 2017.

Added sweeteners for customers include the ability to keep their unused data for up to three years, to be redeemed whenever they like, and have the flexibility to change their plan every month. Additionally, Sky TV customers will be able to sync with their Sky+ box, although not the newer Sky Q boxes just yet.

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Nov 212016

Sky starting to replace older Digiboxes boxes

As mentioned in a previous blog post ( HERE ) Sky mentioned in their Annual Report that they intent to move all their customers from SD and older HD digiboxes to newer digiboxes.

One reason for this is because the older digiboxes are no longer supports, and receive no firmware updates.

And these older digiboxes are used for cardsharing systems. Cardsharing is where you can “unlock” Sky Pay channels using a receiver connected to the internet and a cardshare server. Needless to say people using such systems said it was “scaremongering” and would not happen.

That said, Sky customers using older Sky Digiboxes have started to receive letters that state :

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