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Sky Cinema is the brand name for the Sky TV subscription TV service operating in the UK.

Sky Movies launched on 5 February 1989, and was a single film channel offered as part of Sky’s original 4-channel package on its analogue TV service.

During the years, and the move to digital TV, the service has grown from a single channel, to currently operating 11 movie channels. Each movie channel each broadcasts a different genre of movies. Sometimes the movie channels are temporarily rebranded, to offer kinds of seasonal or promotional programming, for example Sky Movies Greats has been rebranded to Sky Movies Star Wars.

On 15 June 2016, Sky announced that Sky Movies would be rebranded as Sky Cinema from 8 July. They also announced that the number of premieres would increase to one each day, and that a 4K service would be launched later in 2016. And Sky Cinema channelswould be offered to Sky Cinema customers in HD as stanmdard, without the need for the additional HD subscription. 

The Sky Cinema channels are encrypted and require a Sky viewing card, and a Sky Cinema subscription package.

The Sky Cinema channels are classed as “premium channels”, and can only be watched when using a Sky viewing card in the correctly paired Sky digibox. When trying to watch a Sky Cinema channels, when using the viewing card in the wrong Sky digibox, you will receive the “Wrong card for this set top box “ on screen error message.

In 2006 PIN protection of some films was brought in. This allows the channels to increase the range of films available to customers during the daytime. Viewers are required to input their PIN when trying to watch a 15 rated movie before 20:00, or an 18 rated 18 movie before 22:00.

Sky TV pay channels are currently transmitted from three UK TV satellites : Astra 2E,Astra 2F and Astra 2G.

The majority of the Sky TV pay channels are on the European beam of the Astra 2E, Astra 2Fand Astra 2G satellites. The European beam give very good reception across the majority of mainland Spain. This means that the Sky TV pay channels can be received in Spain on a satellite dish measuring a minimum of 80x85cm.

Some Sky TV pay channels are on the “UK beam” or “UK Spot beam” of the Astra 2E, Astra 2F and Astra 2G satellites. This UK beam signal footprint is different to the previous UK TV satellites UK beam. This has meant that reception of channels on the new Astra 2 satellites will be different to previous reception. In the areas between Valencia and Alicante, our service area, the Sky TV channels on the new Astra 2 satellites UK beam can still be received on a small satellite dish – as small as a 110x120cm satellite dish, with a 125x135cm satellite dishbeing the recommended size satellite dish.

However, in other areas of Spain, reception of these Sky TV pay channels on the new Astra 2 satellites UK beam has become harder. For example, in areas such as Barcelona, Catalonia and Zaragoza, you need at least a 1.8m satellite dish to receive these channels on the Astra 2F UK beam, whereas previously you only needed a smaller 80cm satellite dish. It is a similar story in the south of Spain, in areas like the Costa del Sol, Malaga, Almeria, Seville, Gibraltar and even Portugal, where even the larger 2.4m satellite dishes are struggling to receive these channels on the Astra 2 satellites UK beam.


Sky Cinema Channel Numbers

301 Sky Cinema Premiere
302 Sky Cinema Premiere+1
303 Sky Cinema Hits
304 Sky Cinema Showcase / Theme Channel
305 Sky Cinema Disney
306 Sky Cinema Family
307 Sky Cinema Action and Advernture
308 Sky Cinema Comedy
309 Sky Cinema Crime and Thriller
310 Sky Cinema Drama and Romance
311 Sky Cinema Sci Fi and Horror
312 Sky Cinema Select




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