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PAce Sky Box 430N in Standby — 2 Comments

  1. The problem is still persisting.

    According to SKy customer services, depending on hwo you talk to:

    “They are working on the issue and remedy”
    “There has been no software upgrade recently”
    “No one lese has reported any problems”

  2. This may be a temporary fix for those of you with a Pace 430 Sky box that is shutting down after the latest software update to 3.8.8

    Unplug the box from the power, press and hold the BACKUP button on the box (not the RCU), and reapply power keeping the button pressed, until the lights on the front of the box all light up.

    (Note should only be done when there is a nice strong signal on 11778 – ie you can hear the background mucic playing on the EPG)

    This process is currently rolling back the software to the previous version 3.7.6.

    I have done this on a few of the boxes I have here and so far they have not automatically updated to the troublesome 3.8.8!!! But who knows if or when they will automatcially update themselves of if / when Sky do an update – customer services go from – we have not done any software updates to techies are working on it.!

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