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ITV1+1: official start date announced — 4 Comments

  1. ITV1+1 will be on Sky channel 180, reports suggest.
    This EPG number is currently occupied by ITV4+1, but it is showing no programme data from Tuesday 11th January, therefore we can assume that the data is not available as the channels will not be available as it will be replaced by ITV1+1.

  2. ITV are using 6 macro regions for ITV1+1 (and 1 each for Stv and UTV).

    Depending on your UK address for your Sky card, or your postcode you input into your Freesat box, this will determine which ITV1+1 regional variation you will be allocated on 131.

    10906V 22000 – Free to air no card required – strongest FTA ITV1+1
    Meridian South
    STV+1 Central West

    10891H 22000 – Free to air no card required – weakest FTA ITV1+1
    Central West

    11973V 27500 – sky card required
    West/West Country/Wales

    12402V 27500 – sky card required

    It has also meant that ITV2+1 has moved to 179

    And that ITV4+1 is no longer on the Sky channel guide and not on Sky channel 228, as that had to be removed to make way for ITV1+1. But it is still available on the Freesat guide, and I am sure that you can, should you want to, add ITV4+1 to your “other channels” list by scanning frequency 10832 H

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