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Bravo TV channels on Sky and Virgin to close — 4 Comments

  1. As a result of the closure of Bravo on Sky and Virgin, many people are wondering what is happening to their programmes they used to watch on Bravo.

    Some of the more popular programming was TNA Wrestling. Wrestling fans have been asking when TNA Wrestling programming would be made available to the Sky channels.

    From Sky: “TNA will be broadcast on a different Sky channel when Bravo closes, we are trying to find out which channel this will be and will let you all know as soon as we find out”

    From Dixie Carter: “Thanks to all of our fans in the United Kingdom for your support! Your voices truly made a difference today!”

    In the mean time UK TNA Fans can make sure they don’t miss an episode of iMPACT! while waiting for a new timeslot from Sky. Log on to TNAondemand.com, click the launch button, then click on the iMPACT UK button on the bottom left of the page. This free service is only available for the UK.”

  2. Bravo Channel
    On 1st January 2011 the Bravo, Bravo+1 and Bravo 2 channels ceased to be broadcast and Bravo Player was closed following a decision by Sky who are the channel provider. This means they are not available on any TV Service including Virgin Media and Sky.

    While there is no replacement for Bravo, many of the popular programmes that are currently shown on Bravo will be moving to one of Sky’s other channels. Full details of which are to be announced by Sky.

    Challenge Jackpot
    The Challenge Jackpot channel has been closed and removed from all TV services including Virgin Media and Sky. This decision has come from Sky who are the channel the provider and not Virgin Media.

    Neither of these changes will affect any of the other channels you have in your TV package and there will be no change to your TV pack price; you will still be able to enjoy lots of great TV content including popular entertainment channels.

    From the virgin media website

  3. As of Saturday 1 January 2011 Bravo is no longer available on any TV platform – including Sky and Virgin Media – but you can still watch your favourite Bravo shows on Sky.

    Fans of Bravo’s most popular programmes, including Spartacus: Blood and Sand and Leverage, will be able to continue to enjoy these shows on other Sky channels.

    Other great programmes which will find a new home on Sky include Dog the Bounty Hunter, Star Trek, TNA Wrestling, Sun, Sea and A & E, Motorway Patrol, Highway Patrol and Caribbean Cops.

    Spartacus: Blood and Sand will be broadcast on Sky1 HD in the New Year, and more information on where to find other Bravo shows will be available very soon. In the meantime, viewers can use Sky’s Never Miss service to sign up for a reminder of when shows are returning, and on which channel.

    From the Sky / bravo website

  4. According to Sky TV, TNA Wrestling will return to UK TV soon.

    From February Challenge TV (on Sky channel 125), will be showing TNA Wrestling programming, including all the episodes that have not been show in the past few weeks.

    Times and schedules to be announced soon.

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