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Fox Movies on Nilesat 7 West – Important new frequency information — 1 Comment

  1. Correction:
    Fox Movies on Nilesat is not scheduled to move to a new frequency.
    Fox Movies on Nilesat is still on frequency 11766 H 27500 5/6

    Fox Series – now called just FOX – has move to the new frequency.
    FOX is now on frequency 11296 H 27500 5/6
    FOX’s new frequency is on a satellite whose signal footprint is different to Fox Movies. This means that FOX is not available in Spain on your current dishes, but you may stil receive Fox Movies. FOX’s new frequency on the new satellite means you will need a MUCH BIGGER satellite dish than you currently have.

    Fox Movies and FOX (Series) remain on Arabsat at 26 east.
    They are both available on frequency 11843 H 27500 5/6.
    This means that both Fox Movies and FOX should be available on an 80cm satellite dish throughout most of the Costa Blanca and southern and eastern Spain.

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