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  1. We began a process of updating the service

    Your comments and suggestions on how to improve our service and advice from world-class professionals of the audiovisual market and pay TV as part of the HD Starmax Executive Committee, have we decide to embark on a process of improving service comprehensive draft, which will result in significant upgrades to the platform and a temporary interruption of the broadcast.

    (No date set for the return but sources consulted talk of October)

    This will involve a series of inconvenience to our customers, but we are confident that improvements will make our offer more attractive and more solid our technical capabilities.

    Sure there are doubts and questions, so we suggest you call our phone if:

    1.- want your money back by the decoder and subscription to HD Starmax

    2.- want to update and release the cable box to maximize your ability as a multimedia player and recorder, and a HD decoder and DVB-T channels on Hispasat open.

    3.- want to participate in the design of the new HD Starmax, convey your views directly to the team and help Starmax and bring you the TV you really want.

    To do this, you can write to email contacto@starmax.es

    Thank you!”

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