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BBC to launch new HD and SD channels dedicated to London 2012 Olympic coverage — 1 Comment

  1. BBC offers Olympics streams on TV
    The BBC is to make 24 live HD Olympic streams available to cable and satellite providers.

    The deal means viewers will be able to watch every Olympic sport live for the duration of the summer games through their TV sets.

    Previously, the BBC had only planned to broadcast the streams online.

    It will be the first time viewers have been given the opportunity to follow one particular sport throughout the day.

    The services will be in addition to coverage on BBC One and BBC Three, which will air all of the key moments from the Olympics, as well as other platforms including Radio 5 live.

    Together, this coverage will deliver around 2,500 hours of live sport coverage through the various BBC platforms during the Games.

    “These are the first truly digital Olympics, where we’ll offer more choice than ever before,” said Roger Mosey, the BBC’s director of London 2012, on his blog.

    “You’ll be able to watch sport from every venue from first thing in the morning to last thing at night… Hockey fans can watch live uninterrupted hockey, and table tennis fans can stick all day with their sport too.”

    Mr Mosey said the BBC had agreed with Sky to show the live streams across 24 channels, with more announcements from other providers expected soon.

    “The aim is that you’d be able to pick from watching BBC Olympics 1 right through to BBC Olympics 24 with full programme guides and the ability to record your favourite sports,” he said.

    However Mr Mosey added: “Not every platform will be able to accommodate such a huge technical offer, which amounts to 48 channels in total if you count 24 SD (Standard Definition) plus 24 HD.”

    Freeview users will have access to two additional channels available through the BBC Red Button, providing up to four channels at peak times.

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