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Eurosport to broadcast London 2012 Olympics in 3D on Sky 3D for all Sky+HD customers — 1 Comment

  1. Eurosport to bring 3D Olympics to Sky homes
    Eurosport has announced plans to show comprehensive 3D coverage of the London 2012 games over the Sky platform.

    The TF1-owned broadcaster plans more than 100 hours of the games in the 3D format. Eurosport 3D coverage will be carried on the Sky 3D channel.

    Jean Thierry Augustin, Eurosport’s managing director of rights acquisition, distribution & development said: “Eurosport has been innovating to provide fans with the best live sports experience for many years. This opportunity to present the London 2012 Olympics in 3D to Sky customers will give British fans an unforgettable experience of their “home” Games and the international sporting heroes it will generate.”

    Currently 250,000 homes take the Sky 3D channel, although free to top tier customers they must first contact Sky customer services, but for the duration of the games the channel will be opened up to all five million homes with the Sky HD+ receiver. A suitably equipped 3DTV will be required to view the pictures correctly.

    Around eight hours of live 3D action will be shown each day with an additional four hours of recorded highlights.

    Events to be covered include set-piece events such as the opening ceremony, closing ceremony and the men’s 100m final, alongside a wide range of other events that will be broadcast in 3D for the first time, such as gymnastics, swimming, basketball and canoeing.

    3D Olympic highlights available on Sky Anytime, Sky’s video on demand service.

    In February, the BBC confirmed its plans to cover the Olympics in 3D. The opening and closing ceremonies as well as the Men’s 100m Final will be broadcast live as part of the corporation’s on going 3D trials. There will also be a daily highlights package. The 3D coverage will be broadcast via the BBC HD channel, allowing full HD coverage to continue on BBC One.

    Although it has no Olympic rights of its own Sky has been astute in partnering both with the BBC, for who it will offer 24 streams of HD coverage, and now with Eurosport to underline its 3D credentials.

    source: http://www.broadbandtvnews.com/2012/04/05/eurosport-to-bring-3d-olympics-to-sky-homes/

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