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Torresat rebroadcaster in the news for its illegal transmitter masts — 3 Comments

  1. Meroño blamed for 5 illegal antennas in addition to the trench

    Orihuela Town Planning Department has identified at least five antennas that broadcast television signals or the Internet on the coast and do not have any permit, license or environmental activity.

    Not that these permits the rejection, is that you never got to ask, and it is unknown how long these repeaters are operating with no record at City Hall.

    The Town Planning, Antonio Zapata, the finding made public yesterday and charged inks against Pilareña Union councilor and deputy mayor in Pilar de la Horadada (a few days mayor of New Technologies), Pepa Meroño, being the owner Company “Torresatélite” that claim ownership of the antennas.

    At the same commodity at the same Meroño blamed for a month after opening a trench four miles along the Orihuela Costa to bury a cable television also illegal.

    Zapata was outraged that “someone thought that the term of Orihuela is a virgin, just below the forest, and you can install an unlicensed activity and profit benefits without impact on the municipality.”

    He added, “I have no interest in going against certain people, but we are talking again Meroño Pepa, how bad is that those exercising these activities is a public official who knows his duties.”

    Zapata insisted that “I can not understand how the deputy mayor of a municipality comes into the neighboring municipality to make a trench and put five antennas without permission, mounted a television whose contents do not know if they are legal.”

    From Planning has begun for disciplinary and values ​​go to court to file a complaint.

    In parallel, we are studying how to force the disconnection of these antennas (precintarlas or cut the power supply are some of the options), which are located on private property in buildings Vistamar II in La Regia, El Faro, Orihuela, a workshop and Campoamor Dehesa dealer or mall Pigeon Shooting in Villamartin, according to the mayor.

    To install you need the permission of land owners, who now heads the City Council to clarify how long are running (it is possible, he acknowledged, “that the work of installation is required, but activity is still there”).

    Meroño as Councilman Orihuela, Urbanism has not contacted to try to regularize the situation of the trench reported for weeks, “not even to apologize.”

    Urban will return to drive the antenna ordinance that left the PP slope of the allegations.

    “We will take it to heart to regulate such matters, because we found five antennas but there will be more throughout the term.”

    In fact, only been detected by observing the Brigade Activities, created earlier this year by the mayor.

    Finally, the councilor Meroño yesterday did not rule on the complaint of Urbanism


    The head returns to the television company of the deputy mayor of the municipality of Pilar de la Horadada, Pepa Meroño, which a few months ago opened a proceeding against unlicensed works to be carried out on the streets of the coast.

    The Town Planning, Antonio Zapata, announced today that the Unit has identified five antennas activities illegal in Orihuela Costa, owned by Torresatélite, it opened a ditch six miles without permission on the Orihuela coast.

    Zapata recalled that a few weeks ago, denounced the illegal opening of a trench six miles long in Orihuela Costa and has linked this fact with the existence of these five antennas.

    It so happens that the owner of the company that owns the device is Pepa Meroño councilor and deputy mayor of the neighboring municipality of Pilar de la Horadada.

    The mayor of Orihuela has indicated that it will require the withdrawal of antennas and, if not done, will take other measures to restore legality.

    As has been detailed, the antennas are located on buildings or plots belonging to persons other than the owners of the company that installed.

    Thus, the council has stated that the antennas, in addition to lacking licenses and environmental activity, nor has accredited the permission of the owners of the land on which it sits so given the attitude that the company is showing responsible for these actions does not rule out closing the facility or to refer the matter to court.

  3. From this weeks coastrider newspaper (coastrider.net)

    Illegal aerials land Torresat in trouble

    Local TV provider Torresatélite is being taken to task over five broadcast antennas, which are believed to be illegal. The Councillor for Town Planning in Orihuela, Antonio Zapata, has announced that his department has identified five illegal aerials installed on the Orihuela Costa, owned by Torresatélite, which also dug a ditch six miles long without permission along the coast.

    The councillor said: “It appears that Orihuela is a virgin territory where you can install items for profit without this impacting on the town of Orihuela or having to ask for permission or compensate for your actions. Just a few weeks ago the company was denounced for the illegal opening of a trench six miles long in Orihuela Costa and now investigators have linked this action with the existence of these five antennas. Zapata also admitted that the owner of the company which in turn owns these illegal devices is a councillor in the neighbouring municipality of Pilar de la Horadada. Zapata noted that “the trouble is that those exercising such illegal activities should know better, because they hold a public office or maybe they think this makes their actions less illegal.”

    The Mayor of Orihuela has said that the city will require the immediate withdrawal of the antennas and, if not done, will take other measures to restore legality. This declaration will strike fear into the hearts of many Torresat customers, who will remember only too well the Telemicro fiasco a few years ago. The collapse of that satellite TV provider left thousands without British TV and out of pocket.

    The five aerials in question are located on buildings or plots that do not belonging to the owners of the company that installed them, making them illegal under the relevant law. According to Orihuela Town Hall these masts do not have the correct permissions or licences. They are environmental unacceptable and do not even have the agreement of the owners of the land on which they have been sited. Zapata said that he is liaising with the Department of Urban regularisation for such facilities, so that an ordinance can be adopted. Claims are also being resolved in co-ordination with the Head of Regional Planning Antonio Rodriguez Barbera.

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