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As part of a cost cutting measure, the BBC has decided to stop transmitting on one satellite frequency / transponder.

The BBC say “By closing a few of the less viewed Red Button video streams on satellite (and hence cable), and moving some TV channels between transponders, we will be able to close a transponder and reduce our distribution costs”

As a result of this, some changes to some of the BBC services will be made.


BBC News, BBC Alba and BBC Parliament will be moving frequencies. The will be moving from the frequency that allows their reception on small satellite dishes in Spain, to frequencies that require large 1.8m or 2.4m satellite dishes in Spain.

During the week commencing 19 September 2011 BBC News will move to new frequency 10803 H 22000-5/6 BBC Alba will move to new frequency 10818 V 22000-5/6 BBC Parliament will move to new frequency 10788 V 22000-5/6

The BBC News frequency is the same as BBC 1 London and BBC2 England, meaning that it may not be available 24/7 even on the larger 2.4m satellite dishes.

Although not clear, it appears that the BBC streams will move to frequency 11954 h 27500 2/3, which is still easily available on a small satellite dish in Spain. Further reading of the BBC statement also indicates that 5 of the BBCi “stream” services will be moved onto 11954H. Two of the other streams will be axed completely. Presumably these are the “less viewed” streams.

However, this will mean that users of a Sky box or Freesat box with a small satellite dish will no longer be able to access the Sports streams, as they will be unable to access a BBC channel that gives them the “BBC Menu”.

“Generic” free to air receivers should still be able to receive these channels, if they move to frequency 11954, as these types of receivers can access the channels directly, without the need for going via a BBC Menu system.

Of course, with the new Astra 1N satellite being launched and moving to the slot used for UK Satellite TV, there is no saying if or when the BBC Sports stream will move onto that new satellite…and then they will more than likely move to a frequency / beam on that satellite that is only available on large satellite dishes!

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