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December 2012 Update : Channel Movement From Astra 1N to Astra 2F — 4 Comments

  1. I am in Andorra and have lost the BBC’s . My dish is 75cms,quad LNB , Sky box and a Humax box. How do I get the channels back ?

  2. We have a house in Jimena de la Frontera – on the Cadiz/Malaga border. We have a very large, in excess of 1 metre, satellite dish but the receiver only currently receives Sky News and Pick TV. We would like to receive UK Freesat when we move in permanently. We are there again at the end of October and would like to get it sorted out then. Could you please let us know what the best/cheapest options are. Thanks


    • A 1m dish is not “very large”.
      The 1,8s and 2,.4m dishes we needed for the last dozen years in the COsta Blanca were considered large.
      But then they were considered small when in Greece and Cyprus they needed 4m dishes!

      If you want to receive the Freesat channels like BBC and ITV then you will need a very large dish – maybe 4m or maybe even larger.

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