Dec 082012

Astra 2F Update 07/12/2012 :

According to to the phone calls and email from worried people, Spain will lose all BBC and ITVs on the 16th December…but no-one can provide any evidence of this….or where this date of the 16th December has come from.

My view: it is probably nothing to do with BBC and ITVs.

a) It could be the date where some of the Sky channels move from their satellite (Astra 2B) onto the new Astra 2F satellite. Reception will vary as these channels may go onto the UK beam, or European beam…if Sky really want to keep expats paying and the revenue coming in, they will be on the European beam

b) It could be the date that Sky close changes to their system, so there is no disruption to TV over Xmas.

c). SES, who own and operate the satellites, specifically said that on the 4th only 5 frequencies would move from Astra 1N to the new Astra 2F, and that would complete this stage of migration. So maybe the remaining frequencies on Astra 1N that carry BBC and ITV will not move to 2F, but to the next new satellite, 2E, after it is launched Q1 2013…

d) No mention from anywhere by SES about the 16th…

No-one outside Astra and the broadcasters will know until it happens.


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