Jan 202013

Sky has confirmed that it will launch a new download service to allow subscribers to watch content offline on their smartphones and tablets.

The Sky Go Extra platform builds on the massively-successful Sky Go live streaming app and will offer unlimited downloads of popular movies and TV shows on to portable devices.

For £5 extra a month, existing Sky subscribers can download as much as their device will hold and each download will last for a month before expiring.

Up to four users per subscription will be able to make use of the service.

The broadcaster is also offering a two-month free trial to all subscribers in the hope of luring them away from the on-demand Netflix and Lovefilm platforms.

Sky’s almighty array of new movies, which far outstrips any other UK provider’s, will make Sky Go Extra an enticing prospect for subscribers who don’t get much time to sit down in front of their TV sets.

Sky’s Brand Director for TV products Luke Bradley-Jones said: “The way customers are thinking about the whole TV experience is changing again and it’s ultimately all about the content – however people want to watch it.”

The launch will make the complete Sky Go package much more iPlayer-like, with the ability to both stream live and download content for viewing at a later time on mobile devices.


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