Feb 172013

In a previous post ( ) we mentioned that there is a satellite that is carrying BBC ITV C4, and in HD, for free, that can be received on a small satellite dish ( )

This is of particular interest to people in South of Spain and Portugal, who may be panicking about the potential loss of their UK TV with the “change to the new satellites”.

However, this system relies on “hacking” into some encrypted signals.

And people who bought this system, with the promise of “trouble free future proof” UK TV viewing, only has this for a few weeks, as the key codes to unlock this system were changed.

Well at the moment the code keys are “public” and are available – so if you have a compatible receiver, and a dish for 27.5w, then you can currently watch BBC ITV C4 channels using a small dish – ideal for people who may struggle with reception due to the new satellites coming into play…but for how long will these code be public….?


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  2 Responses to “BBC “SATBACK” Sytem on Intelsat 27.5W – currently available with new BISS Keys”

  1. Good morning, have they changed again as mines scrambled ?

    • No as far as I am aware… if the codes has changed I am sure emails would be flooding in asking for the new codes… but you are the only one, so it probably means an issue with your receiver

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