Mar 192013

Sky have started to roll out a software update in the last few days.

Initially this software will be deployed to Sky DRX890 and DRX895 digiboxes.

Amongst the updates, is a change to the “Auto standby” mode.

Auto Standby, is the mode that puts your Sky digibox into “Standby” should the box  be left on a channel for so many hours without a button being pressed on the remote control. This, the Sky digibox assumes, means their is no one watching the box. And so, the Sky digibox will power down into Standby mode.

Standby mode is shown on the Sky digibox, as the “on / off” lights will be orange.

This new update allows you to put the box in “Eco” mode.

So instead of powering down into “Standby” mode, the Sky digibox will power down to “Eco” mode, and will automatically put your Sky digibox box into RED standby mode overnight if you don’t have any recordings scheduled. Supposedly this saves more in power than leaving your box in “Orange” Standby mode.

However while the box is in this state it is essentially turned off an no recordings will take place.

You can change this option in the Sky digibox menu system.

Sky box New Eco Mode

Sky box New Eco Mode




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