May 302013

With the Wimbledon tennis championships coming soon, there has been speculation about the BBC coverage of the tournament.

In previous years the BBC Red Button service on the TV, via Freesat and Sky, has offered about 5 separate streams each showing a different match.

With last years “budget cuts” these streams were reduced to a single Red Button feed

So some viewers were left wondering what would happen to their tennis coverage.

Well over the last few days a number of “new” BBC channels have appeared on various frequencies on the UK TV satellites.

A new HD channel tagged as “8900” has appeared on frequency 11023 H, 23000, FEC 2/3. This channel has programme data “This is BBC Red Button HD”.

In addition, two more “channels” tagged as “54380” and “54381” have appeared on frequency 12.643 V, SR 27.500, FEC 2/3 and are showing a BBC test loop.

So perhaps the BBC are temporarily expanding the number of Red Button screens for their Wimbledon coverage?


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