Jul 022013

Further to yesterdays post ( ) about the expected announcement of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) English Premier League broadcast rights, the Pan-Arabia Enquirer has reported that : “Alex Ferguson joins Al Jazeera as host of English Premier League coverage”

If this is true, this is a coup for Aljazeera Sports, to have one of the top football managers in the world as their pundit.

But why has no official announcement been made by Aljazeera that they have the rights to the English Premier League?

According to the article, the deal, reportedly worth over 12 million dollars, will see Ferguson front the broadcaster’s English-language EPL shows for the 2013/14 season, with an option to extend until 2016.

It isn’t yet known whether Ferguson will take up residence in Qatar or simply fly over for each TV show, but with the Middle East home to a significant number of Manchester United fans he is expected to add a significant boost to Al Jazeera Sports’ ratings.

Without any ‘official’ announcement from Aljazeera or MP and Silva about the MENA rights, this article has to be viewed with a degree of scepticism.

If Al Jazeera have won the English Premier League broadcast rights, then the English, Spanish and Italian leagues plus the Champions League and FA Cup are all available with one Al Jazeera subscription.


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