Jul 052013

The BBC says there are no further 3D plans for the 3D format after a trial period draws to a close.

It said many viewers have found it a hassle at home which has led to few people tuning in to the broadcasts.

This week, the BBC announced it was broadcasting the semi-finals and finals of Wimbledon singles matches in the format.

During a pilot scheme over the past two years, the BBC has televised a number of programmes in 3D, including Strictly Come Dancing, the Christmas family drama Mr Stink and the ceremonies for the Olympics last year.

However, even though it has been estimated 1.5 million homes have enabled sets, only around half of the homes which were able to watch London 2012 in 3D did so. And only around 5% of potential viewers watched Mr Stink and the Queen’s speech in 3D.

The BBC’s 50th anniversary of Doctor Who will still be broadcast in 3D, but the format will then take a rest.

The BBC said they had conducted a two-year pilot 3D project which is coming to an end.


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