Jul 152013

While there’s plenty of bad news around for 3D-TV, with ESPN and the BBC saying that they will not be making any new 3D investments once their current projects are completed, BSkyB is staying loyal to the technology.

BSkyB’s 3D director, John Cassy, in a blog, reaffirms Sky’s commitment to 3D arguing that progress – while not quite what the industry had hoped – was still being made. As of last week, more than half a million BSkyB TV customers had signed up to
watch 3D, “bringing to a close our strongest quarter of growth to date,” Cassy says.

“Certainly the ongoing economic downturn has meant that households are tightening their belts, and people have upgraded their TV sets to 3D at a slower rate than the industry first forecast,” said Cassy in his note. “Some potential viewers may have also delayed experiencing 3D, preferring to wait for new technologies, which mean they don’t have to wear glasses.”

Sky will continue to work with Hollywood on 3D movies and would continue to deliver high-quality 3D material to homes.

A Sky TV spokesman said they expected high-quality 3D displays to be widely available for viewing without glasses in 2-4 years time and “at prices not dissimilar” to today’s HD and 3D sets.


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