Jul 192013

If you are using the encrypted signals on Intelsat 907 to watch UK TV (see ) , then you may have lost the channels.

This is because the BISS codes that you have been using to hack erm unlock into these encrypted channels has changed today.

So you will have to wait until the new BISS key codes for the BBC SATBACK service on Intelsat 907 at 27.5W are made available again before you can watch these encrypted channels.

Just one small “issue” some retailers of this system do not tell their clients may happen….





ahem: 80 0B 73 FE 55 B4 85 8E






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  One Response to “Lost your BBC channels on “BBC SATBACK” using Intelsat 907…BISS code change”

  1. Update: October 2013
    BBC SATBACK on Intelsat 907
    BISS KEY Code changed.
    New code unknown.
    So until the new BISS KEY code is known, there will not be any access tot he encrypted BBC SATBACK services.

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