Jul 242013

According to the rumour-mill, people living in Orba are being told by someone (ie probably someone who sells internet TV boxes) that they will lose ALL UK TV and Sky TV on the 7th August 2013.

And that the MUST buy their Smart TV internet TV IPTV box from them NOW to make sure they do not loose their UK TV.

Another incidence of scaremongering advertising, so a product that people may not actually need.

So here we go again:

You will not lose ALL UK TV.
You will not lose ALL Sky TV.
If anything does happen, it will not be in August, but much later this year.

Why buy a internet TV box when you do not even know if your satellite TV system will be affected?

Why buy a internet TV box which gives a much lower picture resolution when your satellite TV systems may still provide you with all the channels you want?

How does this person selling these boxes know what is going to happen in 6 months time? He’s got the date wrong for a start. But if he is that confident of what he says, ask him for this weeks winning lottery numbers!

We posted this a few months ago when the rumour mill went again into overdrive


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