Aug 092013

Rumours are that Sky TV have been considering launching a new channel.

The new Sky TV channel would target a male orientated audience, with sports and entertainment, to take on rival male orientated channels such as ITV4 and Dave.

Reports suggest that the new Sky TV channel could be called Sky Bravo, as BSkyB have registered that name as a trademark.

The Sky Bravo name would be a nod to the channel that BskyB closed at the end of 2010 following the £160m acquisition of Living TV Group. BSkyB closed Bravo, a male-oriented channel home to shows including Spartacus, Dog the Bounty Hunter and Sons of Anarchy, and spin-off Bravo 2 because it targeted a similar demographic to Sky1, but without the same brand equity or reach.

“Sky Bravo” would fill a gap in Sky TV channel lists, by offering a channel for the male market.

Sky Atlantic targets a high-end viewer, with shows such as Boardwalk Empire and Mad Men; Sky1 is now positioned very much as a family-focused option; Sky Arts is for culture buffs and Sky Living is female-oriented.


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