Sep 082013

Looks like is suffering problems again, with no or little access being reported on the evening of Sunday 8th September 2013.

A flurry of posts on social media websites suggest loading issues, and no access to any streams, let alone UK TV streams.

Some blog reports suggest that this may be related to another batch of court injunctions by various broadcasters:

But then, filmon did this a few months ago, switched off for a few days, and then quietly came back on again.

Online TV provider FilmOn faces an uncertain future after a federal court in Washington DC granted a preliminary injunction brought by US broadcasters.

Television Stations argued that FilmOn X is “violating their exclusive right to public performance of their copyrighted works, which include local programs and some of the country’s most popular evening television shows”.

In a statement, broadcaster Fox said, “We are pleased, but not surprised, that the court recognised that the commercial retransmission of our broadcast signal without permission or compensation is a clear violation of the law. This decision should finally put the matter to rest, and will hopefully discourage other illegal services from attempting to steal our content.”

FilmOn, which also broadcasts in Europe, boasts 200 live TV channels, plus 500 video and audio podcasts from premium brands.


Update: 22.30 – looks like whatever it was is over, as it is all back up and running again. Maybe they had to remove some USA streams from the site to comply with the injunction….?


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