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  1. Hi Guys,
    On a yacht with a sea tel unit.Have been tracking 28E to watch sky tv.
    About 200 miles from saint Petersburg now and losing satalight singnal on the tv boxes.
    What settings should I have the transponder at for that area.
    Thanks in advance
    Chief Engineer

    • Hi
      A satellite box will automatically tune to the correct frequency / transponder depending which channel you have selected to watch.
      eg channel “a” will be on frequency 1 on transponder 1.
      channel “b” will be on frequency 2 on transponder 2.

      you cannot set to look for channel “a” on transponder 2, as it is not on that transponder.

      The main issue is that your dish is too small to receive the signals where you are.
      You are far away from the signals main area of service. The further away that area you go , the larger the dish you will require.

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