Oct 022013

Sky has added 12 new channels to its catch-up TV service: Discovery, TLC, E!, Star, Watch, GOLD, Dave, Alibi, Cartoon Network, Boomerang, Cartoonito and Sky News.

Sky is also adding new titles to its TV Box Set collection.

Entertainment Extra+ customers can look forward to almost a hundred series of TV Box Sets joining the service this autumn, with some exclusive highlights only available on Sky, including The Wire (Complete box set – series 1-5, Sky Atlantic, from November 1); Sopranos (Complete box set – series 1-6, Sky Atlantic, from December 1); Game of Thrones (Series 1& 2, Sky Atlantic, from October 1); Mad Men (Series 1-3, Sky Atlantic, from October 1) and Seinfeld (Series 8, Sky Atlantic, from October 1, and series 9 from November 1).

Skys catch up services are available on Sky+HD boxes, to subscribers, who have a UK internet connection.


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