Oct 032013

More Sky / Freesat channel frequency changes – many channels moving satellites from Eutelsat to Astra

Further to http://www.satandpcguy.com/blog/2013/10/sky-freesat-channel-changes-many-channels-moving-satellites-from-eutelsat-to-astra/ there have been a few more UK TV channels that have changed their satellite and satellite frequencies over the last day or so.

This is nothing to do with new satellites, more to do with old agreements.

The changes to many channels today and yesterday as the channel are moved from the Eutelsat satellite to the Astra satellites – as mentioned a few days ago in our blog : http://www.satandpcguy.com/blog/2013/09/some-uk-tv-frequency-changes-over-the-next-few-weeks/

This is part of an agreement, where by some of the frequencies that were allocated to Eutelsat, hav now been reallocated to Astra.

Sky boxes should automatically update the channels to the new frequencies.

Freesat boxes should also automatically update the channels to the new frequencies, but this will usually be done during early hours housekeeping. However if you want these channels back now, you simply need to perform a new Freesat rescan (usually Menu, Install)

For users of “non sky and non freesat” receivers, like “free to air” or “generic” satellite receiver, if you want these channels back you simply need to perform a new search / scan of the satellite – usually from the main menus “install” options.

Keep up to date with the many frequency changes on our forum : http://www.satandpcguy.com/forum/showthread.php?91374-Important-Sky-TV-and-Freesat-TV-Channel-Frequency-changes-and-updates

Trace Sports Stars
Sky 2 (ROI)
Sky Living+1 (ROI)
Sky Movies Box Office Events

have now changed transponders, moving from 11.508 H, 27.500, 2/3 to 10.921 H, 22.000, 5/6.

‘ITV+1’ (Meridian South East) has now changed transponders, moving from 10.906 V, 22.000, 5/6 to 10.758 V, 22.000, 5/6.

Sky Poker.com
Sky Living It+1
“6032” (Unknown service)
Sky Challenge TV FSAT
Pub Channel
Sky Movies Box Office Preview **
Sky Movies Box Office 4? **
Sky Movies Box Office 29? **
Sky Movies Box Office 30? **
Sky Movies Box Office 31? **
Sky Movies Box Office 44 (AD)? **
Sky Movies Box Office 54? **
Sky Movies Box Office 55? **

have now changed transponders, moving from 11.565 V, 27.500, 2/3 to 12.305 H, 27.500, 2/3.

History Channel
Fox News
Crime Investigation
At The Races
National Geographic
National Geographic+1
National Geographic Wild
4871 (label for Unknown service)
History Channel+1
Sky Living It
At The Races (Commercial)

have now changed transponders, moving from 11.603 V, 27.500, 2/3 to 12.187 H, 27.500, 2/3.


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