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A list of the channels and frequencies affected by the recent “satellite shuffle” between Eutelsat 28A and Astra. — 12 Comments

  1. I live in near Gibraltar and no longer access sky news HD on 501. I get access sky news on 517. A few other Hd channels have gone off. Ant suggestions?


  2. Loss of those channels are down to the fact that in your location, your dish is too small to receive those channels.
    There are a few suggestions to get your channels back:
    Get a larger dish.
    Move to an area that can receive those channels.
    Wait until the Astra satellite changeover has finished, and you may find reception of some channels is better than before, but others may be worse than before.

  3. Loss of channels can be down to a number of things, like your dish is too small for your area, or your dish is warped, or your dish is not aligned correctly, or your LNB is not aligned correctly…

    But there have been no satellite or frequency changes to BBC ITV channels.

    Also, during the mornings, for the next week or so, it is coming to that time of year when the sun moves directly behind the satellites, and the energy from the sun can swamp out the weaker channels for up to 15 minutes. There is nothing you can do about this I am afraid.

  4. I´ve just lost Boxnation amongst a few other channels. I live in the Barcelona area of Spain. Can anyone provide me with information on the likelihood of this channel being available to me once more?
    Also what (if any) are the options to get it back?

  5. Dan: Yes Boxnation is one of the channels affected by this satellite swap.
    Until the satellite swap is completed (10th Oct), no one can really say if they will return to an “east beam” or stay on a UK beam…if the latter then you will need a larger dish – as there is some confusion on frequency websites as to which beams they are on may be on

  6. All these “satellite shuffle” changes, moving channels from Eutelsat to Astra has now been completed. Sky and freesat boxes are now “mapped” to the new frequencies. If you lost channels in the last few days, like BT Sports, this is because they were temporarily placed on a “uk beam”, whose reception is a bit trickier for some in Spain, than its “European beam” where they now reside.

  7. I live in the south of Sweden and I have a medium sized dish. I lost signals to BT Sports and other channels and happened to have them back again but lost them again not quite long. Is there anyone who can be of help to me? I use a dreambox 800HD.

  8. Pen: You need to make sure you are using the correct frequencies for the channels you have lost.


    BT Sports SD are on 12515 H

    They are also on the European beam of 2F, whose reception differs to reception in the past, and it may be that your dish either needs to be realigned, or you need a slightly larger dish to be able to receive the signals. For example, a 1.25m dish in Helsinki is not receiving these signals, and a 2.4m dish slightly north gets them but with a lot of pixilation.

  9. Hi,
    I waited patiently while the changeover took effect and watched the channels that were unaffected. Once it was obvious that the channels I had were the only ones available to me ( I have a 1.35 m dish) I called in my satellite installer. Very quickly he re-aligned my dish etc – and I received every channel with excellent reception – including channel 5 that I previously couldn’t get. Unfortunately, this lasted about 24 hours and over the last week or so most of the channels are unwatchable and breaking up ( EXCEPT channel 5 ironically). Several people in my area have said they had the same problem ( Costa Calida, Murcia), good reception when re-aligned but it was short lived. Is there any point in my calling someone out again and is there anything I can do myself to get the channels back.

    • Unless your dish has moved out of alignment again (winds?), and you can fine tune your own dish, then there will be very little you can do your self.
      It may be your dish is on the very edge of reception, and is just a tad too small to receive stable signals.

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