Nov 152013

Prior to their launch on the 10th December, some new BBC HD channels have appeared on satellite today.

It has appeared on a BBC HD transponder of Astra 2F, prior to their launch on the 10th December 2013.

11023 H 23000 2/3
Tagged as 8931 and 8932.

Due to their HD settings, these tests cannot be added to your Sky box.

They are both currently showing CBeebies HD.

Perhaps one “tag” is for Cbeebies and the other for BBC Four HD.
In the same way these two channels “share” their SD frequency.

CBBCHD and BBC Three HD and BBC News HD are expected to also launch shortly, either in December or early 2014.

Sky HD digboxes and Freesat HD set top boxes will automatically update them selves with any new channels when they officially launch and are given a “EPG” Programme Guide number.
Users of other receivers will have to perform a channel scan to receive the new channels when launched.

BBC3 HD / CBBC HD now testing on 10847V 23000 2/3 tagged as 6951/52


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  24 Responses to “More BBC HD channels appear on satellite prior to launch”

  1. Hi again
    Looking at your you think that BBC HD will join CH5 HD ITV 2 3 4 HD
    On a pay platform.and we will still be able to view abroad.
    Thanks for the info john

  2. BBC channels are PSB channels, and under their current charter must be available free to air to the UK. So no.

  3. Soap channels, like BBC1 and ITV1 added to the pay platform?
    BBC and ITV1 and C4 are all classed as PSB channels, and are required to be free to air.
    C5HD, ITV2HD, ITV3HD, ITV4HD are not PSB channels, so their owners can do whatever they want with them.
    And who is to say that these channels do not also move to a UK beam of the new satellites…even if they are pay…?

  4. Depends what you mean by “best box”.
    I like the technomate5402 (although I have no tried it on 27.5 for a few months, so no idea if it still works) -but then access to the 27.5 depends on the biss keys being available all the time…which they are not

  5. Ok thanks again
    For all the info

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  7. Will we be loosing the main Irish channels ?
    I see they are moving to Eutelsat Ka-Sat 9A at 9.0°E

  8. Doubt that the Irish channels will move from 28 east.
    9east is the Saorsat service, been going for about 18 months, and is there to provide free to air satellite coverage to Ireland, reaching areas not covered by terrestrial tv in Ireland (a bit like the Irish version of Freesat). Using the Ka band and beams means that those signals are very focused on Ireland, and Ireland only. On 28 east the channels are part of the Sky Ireland Subscription service.

  9. They have been on the UK beam on 2D and 1N, so why change that.
    As for PSB, no idea. Maybe. But then they are available for free on Saorsat, Saorview in Ireland. One reason for encryption on Sky could be that some programmes on Irish channels, may also be sold the Sky UK channels also…

    • Astra 2D as not had any channels on it since Feb 2012.
      I thought Astra 1N was moving to 19 east .when Astra 2E becomes fully functional .
      Does this mean Irish channels RTE1 etc will move to 19 east

  10. Yes I know 2D has not had any channels since 2012,but what I am saying is that some of the Irish channels were on the UK beam on 2D, and now they are on the Uk beam on 1N, and so why not expect the Irish channels to be on the UK beam of 2E…

  11. We’ll have to wait and see when Astra 2E switches over in January.Hopfully we will still be watching the soaps

    Thanks for all the info

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  13. Do you have a source that says January, as SES have not said anything at all about anything, or I that speculation / rumour? Although it is looking more and more likely to be January, given 2E is still at 43 east.

    • This was the information I received from my friend.

      Astra 2E
      Looks like the switch over as now been put back till January.
      Information was its to close to Xmas and it could possibly cause problems to UK viewers over the festive season ?

  14. And your friend works for SES or Astrium? As at the moment SES have not officially said anything about any timescales.

  15. He works in the uk satellite industry.
    And all the info I have received from him in the past regarding Astra 2E as been very helpful .
    The only thing we can do is wait and see

  16. Hope he is more informed and competent than some of the other installers in the UK – one installer from the UK was amazed that we needed the “big 1.8 and 2.4m” dishes, saying along the lines of, we were closer to the equator than the UK , and so we are closer to the satellites than the UK, and so we should need smaller dishes than they do in the UK….

    Make you wonder sometimes…….

  17. I thought channel 5 was the start of the switch over last night when it went of
    It was a frequency change

    Frequency change to 11798 H 29500

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