Some channel frequency changes – More4HD and Channel 5HD — 9 Comments

  1. Channel 5 HD is a Sky subscription channel, and requires a Sky Entertainment Extra + subscription to watch it.
    If you are using a Sky HD box, then you simply go to channel 171 – no need to manually input anything. And also, you cannot manually add this to a Sky box anyway, as the Sky box does not accept the 29500 symbol rate.
    If using another type of HD satellite box, make sure that those particular transponder settings are DVB-S2 QPSK.

  2. Hi again
    We are using a GI HD Box, i can manually input transponders and accepts them and says the strength is good, it finds the chanel but wont decode? Thanks again

  3. You need a Sky card with the Sky Entertainment Extra + subscription.
    However, it may be that they they have also increased the encryption on that channel also, to the same that stops Sky Sports, Movies and other HD channels opening on that box.

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  5. Freesat+HD didn’t happened see Channel 5 HD missed British people worries unhappy I don’t know information. Both Sky and Virgin Media service Sky is only available Channel 5 HD got yes have and Virgin Media is only available Channel 5 HD got yes have. Both same Freeview+HD is not available Channel 5 HD missed nothing and freesat+HD is not available Channel 5 HD missed nothing because very confused some sad British people unhappy like it Channel 5 HD questions need Sky and Virgin.

    • C5 decided not to go for the slot reserved for them for C5HD on Freeview.
      C5HD is on Sky HD as part of their HD package, as I understand they receive some help from SKy with regards to transponder costs.

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