Nov 292013

Sky have confirmed that there has been some stability issues with its latest Sky digibox software, that has recently been downloaded.

Sky have confirmed that there is an issue in the latest build and that they are working on a fix.

To allow them time to work on a fix, and to make sure there is no disruption due to digibox crashes over the Christmas period, Sky will switch all customers who received the latest version back to the previous more stable build.

Customers on the version with the problem will be switched as soon as possible.

On Tuesday 3rd December the software versions available via the “manual software download “process will be updated to:
DRX890, 1Tb, 2Tb : R008.063.49.08P
Samsung and Pace HD: R008.063.71.00P
DRX780: R008.063.68.00P

Sky say that they are “sorry that you may have had a poor experience with this latest  software version, rest assured we are working as quickly as possible to  restore the previous version to you, and find the fix.”


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