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JSC Sports 6-10 on Badr 26 East – settings change — 4 Comments

  1. Thankyou for the update re Al Jazeera change of vpid put in new settings all worked fine last night , this morning they appear to have changed again 9th December 2013 any new information.

  2. No changes from where I am sitting (watching a rerun on Palace v WHU on JSC10) for Al Jazz on Badr / Arabsat 26east.
    JSC 6-10 all coming thru fine on frequency 12344 h 27.5 with VPID 441.

    • I have been without JSC for 8 days. Trying to follow your advice.Am currently on BADR 26.0E

      12341H 27500A. Can you explain the VPID settings change from 321 to 441. How do I achieve this please? I am not familiar with the terminology. Thanks

  3. Al: when you do a scan on the frequency the receiver will either update the current channels 6-10 to the new VPID data, or it will add new channels 6-10 with the new VPIDs to the channel list.

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