Astra 2E News : Transfer of channels from 1N to 2E will take place “early February 2014” — 7 Comments

  1. Hi
    So sky Subscribers in parts of Spain and Portugal were they cannot receive CH5 now will loose most of there
    Subscription channel.such as sports and more ?

    Thanks for the info

  2. 2E,2F and 2G have UK and European beams. Reception of the channels will depend which beam they move to, where you are in Spain, and what sized dish you have. Most likely most of the Sky pay channels will move to the European beam, similar to the beam they are currently on and have been on in the past, so they may not notice any changes. But if they are moved to the UK beam, then yes reception will be similar (we think) to C5.

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    • Depending on your exact dish size (I went to one today where the owner was told it was a 1.2m dish but it measured 90x100cm!) but if it is at least 100×110 then it should have no problems. It may simply need to be aligned properly – as many of the dishes I have seen today that lost bbc channels were simply not aligned correctly.

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