Jan 262014

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In January 2014, an on-screen message started to appear on BeIn Sports channels informing subscribers to

“Register your receiver before the 31st January 2014 to continue to watch BeIn Sports 6, BeIn Sports 7, BeIn Sports 8,BeIn Sports 9, BeIn Sports 12, BeIn Sports 13, BeIn Sports 14, and BeIn Sports 15”.

There is no mention of BeIn Sports 11 being affected by this receiver registration. BeIn Sports 11 carries English commentary of some Premier League football matches, and their Super Saturday football show with Richard keys and Andy Gray. Without any official confirmation, we can only assume that the BeIn Sports 11 channel will still be available in non registered receivers.

More information on the BeIn Sports channels and the receiver registration and their availability of the 3pm Saturday afternoon premier league kick offs available via this link.

More information as soon as we get it.
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  17 Responses to “BeIn Sports Channels and their receiver registrations”

  1. How can i watch bensport my receiver is not Humax. my receiver is star sat

  2. how i can regist my receiver mvision 1010 HD ACE

  3. my receiver is humax IR1020HD mycard id 42635375969 but now not work bein sports 8hd to 15hd why

  4. beinsports9 10,11,12 notworking

  5. is beinsport 1–5 secure

  6. Advert
  7. how can i register my card and receiver in a hd 6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,,14,15,16,17,18,19,20 may card number is 4110 3964 361 and receiver sn : 11 1107 8200 667

  8. Last year I was working in Lebanon & got aljazeera card from their…
    Now I’m living in Sanaa -Yemen & bought a new receiver of Bein sport
    But I couldn’t watch HD6’7’8,9……..
    Your an agent here asked 50$ to move the information
    From the old card to the new one……What shall I do ???

    • I have no agents in Yeman.
      I am not BeIN Sports.
      I am nothing to do with the operations of BeIN Sports.

      But from the sounds of it you need to get your card and box registered with BeIN to receive those channels.
      How you do this is up to you – perhaps pay the agent to do it for you…?

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