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Astra 2A channels move to Astra 2E – frequencies and channel affected. — 10 Comments

  1. hi I have a ferguson aviva hd box all is ok except for itv hd central, this is now gone, some of the other itv hd area are still there but central has dissappeared thanks in ant

    • I think that it has changed frequency in the lasy few days – not too sure, but it also has changed satellites and is now on the UK beam of 2E, so reception will have changed depending where you are in SPain and what sized dish you have.

  2. BBC1/2 los on101 and 102 but can receive on 965 and 972.
    The skybox is showing a frequency of 11.708 I have tried
    to change it to 12.207 but it it appears to be locked,is

    there a problem with the skybox?
    regards Michael

    • The default transponder is only used to tell the sky box where to download the channel list from when the box is first powered on.

      You used (note used) to have to change this to another frequency, as 11778 was on a weak beam, and even some 2,.4m dishes struggle to receive it.

      However, since last week, 11778 is now one of the stronger frequencies, so no need to change the default transponder to anything else to help the sky box download the channel list.

      The default transponder does not do anything for individual channel reception.
      Changing the default transponder will not improve channel reception.
      Channel reception relies on dish size, and dish alignment.

      So if you are having reception issues, then it will be your dish is now too small to receive some channels, or your dish is not aligned correctly.

      • Do we yet know what size dish we need in the torrevieja area for the normal UK channela on free view, I only ask as my mum will be over in the next couple of weeks and if she does not have the soaps then my life is not worth living … thanks in advance guys


  3. I am in Nerja like everybody else I have lost all bbc & itv1 Channel 4.

    My landlord says there is no point in him putting in an internet based TV system as his technical advise is that at peak times there will major loss of signal as a lot of people will be trying to access their TV’s at the same time. Is this correct or is he trying to blag it so he can justify not providing me with British TV.

    • If it is a shared system you have, then yes, it may get overloaded.
      Much like if everyone is downloading or using it all at the same time.
      Video take up more bandwidth, and so multiple users on a limited system, could cause loss or buffering

  4. Hi hope you can help lost all BBC and ITV channels,I’ve been looking through blogs advice etc you have published and tried to retune etc.
    Ive got a Ferguson ariva 102e satellite receiver,connected to a 90/100cm dish (pedreguer), and have followed the installation instruction manual but I’m only picking up mainly arabic sites although I’ve got sky news and several of the tele sales programmes.
    I note that a number of channels have changed to astra2e but did not have this set up on my pre programmed satellite list so have put this on as e28.5,my transponder list only goes up to 35 and i note that you have published they can be re programmed from transponder 41 upwards.
    Does the satellite box need reprogramming/dish need repositioning or am i missing something obvious.
    I would appreciate some advice.
    Thanks Tony

    • Hi,
      Your box does not need to be reprogrammed for 2E. Simply using he Astra 28 lists will get what you want. It is the frequencies allocated to those lists that is important, not what you call the list.
      And a “90cm/100cm” dish in Pedreguer will be operating on the very limit of reception for bBC ITV C4 and Fives. In other words, the dish is just a tad too small for decent stable reception. It may be that some very fine tuning can bring in the required channels, otherwise a larger dish would be requried

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