Feb 042014

UK TV Satellite Update:

It looks, note looks, like some channels from Astra 2A (north and south beams) have been moved to 2E.

So for some sky channels reception in some areas may have changed.

In SPain for the better.

It looks like 11778 – the sky epg frequency on 11778 has also moved – which is good news for Spain, as there is no need to change the “default transponder frequency” as it is now on a stronger beams!

We shall be confirming this during the day, but so far no changes to BBC or ITV channels.



Update :

Reports are that the following frequencies have moved to the new satellite : 11856V, 11.934V, 11.914H, 12.012V, 11.720H,11.739V, 11.758H, 11.778V, 11.798H, 11.836H. None of these carry BBC or ITV or C4.


Update : Some channels that used to be hard to receive in the middle of the afternoon even on 2,.4m dishes, because they were on the Astra 2A north beam, are now located on the Astra 2E European beam. Meaning reception of channel like Sky Movies, and some HD channels reception should be better…even on smaller dishes.




  8 Responses to “Astra 2E – channels start to move…”

  1. I am located in sufli almeria 04878 lost all of my channels this morning using sky hd box 1.2 meter offset dish,sky hd box showing no signal.
    My other system consits of a 1.8 meter prime focus dish invacom c120 quad lnb sky+ hd box and Humax irci 5400 box All channels working from both boxes signal from humax box,
    BBC London 10772 mhz signal 82% quality 78%.
    Channel 4 10713 mhz signal 76% quality 89%.
    BBC scotland 10801 mhz signal 83% quality 77%.
    ITV 1083 mhz signal 86% quality 84%
    Channel 5 from astra 2f 10964 mhz signal 63% quality 34% i can get good reception in heavy rain.
    Better signal readings now with the new satellite maybe you can post this for others

  2. Thank you for the Alan, but all the channels you mention have not moved yet.
    So you should not have lost all channel on your 1.2m Sky HD system…as 95% have not moved!

  3. Hi. Noticed today that we have lost Sky Action HD, Sky Sci & Horror HD, Sky Modern Greats HD, Sky Drama & Romance HD and Sky Comedy HD, We subscribe to the full Sky package and had them before. We still have ITV2,3,4 HD so am not convinced that they have moved to the new satellite yet. Any ideas why we have lost these film channels ? Would it be possible for you to publish the new frequency details for the moved channels. Can they be entered manually as the moved film channels have not been automatically updated. Thanks

    • Hi Jo, Its it a bit difficult to advise, when you do not give your location or dish size. But it does look as if some channels have moved satellites, and may now be weaker than before. Frequencies are the same, so no need to add anything.

  4. Hi, are we going to lose bbc in the canaries tomorrow??? We gained sky news on small dish today!!!

    • Until the changes happen, no-one can say for sure. It will also depends on where exactly you are, and what size dish you currently have, and what the Astra 2E satellite beams reception is like in the Canaries.

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