Feb 052014

It looks like over night a number of Sky pay channels moved satellites.

It looks like they moved from the Astra 1N satellite to the Astra 2A satellite.

And some moved to the “tricky” to receive North beam – meaning their reception is harder to receive than before.

Early indications are that the following frequencies have moved.



Some channels affected include : Sky Action HD, Sky Sci and Horror HD, Sky Modern Greats HD, Sky Drama and Romance HD and Sky Comedy HD. And a few more Sky HD channels.

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  4 Responses to “UK TV Satellite changes – some more channels swap satellites”

  1. Many thanks for all the factual information. I have a SKY HD Box and subscription. What (If anything) after all these changes will I lose. I live in Marbella.

    • Until the changes happen, it is difficult to say exactly what will you may lose (or gain!). It will depend on your dish size, where exactly you area, and what the reception of the satellite beams are like in your area – something which we will not know until those first frequencies are it up….

  2. At the moment we still have pick tv and +1 challenge tv and +1 and sky news. 1.2 mtr dish, almeria region.

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