Feb 062014

In answer to a popular question seen on social media and emails sent to me:

BBC channels are not part of the Sky subscription service.

They never have been.

And for the foreseeable future will not be.

Some satellite “experts” have been suggesting to their clients that by subscribing to the Sky HD package that will bring back lost BBC channels.

As the BBC channels are not part of the Sky subscription package, do not even require a Sky viewing card, and are free to air, this is one big “myth”.


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  10 Responses to “Astra 2E – BBC Reception – Rumours about lost BBC channels available with a Sky HD subscription”

  1. 55cm dustbin lid in calpe no reception

  2. I have a 1.5 dish and a full sky plus HD package and have lost all of the BBC channels, so I must need at least a 1.9 or larger.
    This is in the Torremolinos area, so any ideas out there? .

  3. I am in Murcia, Fuente Alamo and I can get BBC1 and 2 in the mornings and evenings does that mean my dish is ok but have to look at stronger sky box receiver I have a pace 2600

  4. Its 8pm clock and I have all channels perfect

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